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Most Bad Guys Are Terrible Shots

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J Mercado says:

That gives "drop everything in your hands to protect yourself" to a whole new level, even dropped part of his hand

WhyYouSoGroovy Ray says:

Straight up attempted murder.

Matt Brooks says:

charge the assailant with everything you got or run away!

Jack Ray Long III says:

Just wanted to say your sign on the wall looks way better now without the power cord hanging! 👍

Jim Wagner says:

I think he picked up his finger

Carlos Vreal says:

So did they get the bad guy? Or did he get away… I HATE when they get away.

Marty McGill says:

Praise the Lord!

Mark Johnson says:

Damn, a lot of material for your channel coming from Houston. I am carrying 95% of the time now, even on milk runs.

keep it REAL says:

All that for cheap Obama phone….sad

Arturo Almeida says:

Man did the matrix to doge those bullets!


Murdering little bastards. Always carry people and pay attention to your spider sense. Assume you are right until proven wrong.

Dwight K. Schrute says:

it takes a special kind of evil to so casually try to shoot someone in the face for something so small

Prince Ali says:

Unreal how some people are.. going around in broad daylight robbing and shooting people. I just can’t put myself in his shoes. Working would be a safer and easier option

The fun loving Canadian says:

I just have a hard time calling the loss of a finger a full recovery. Lucky he deflected enough to keep his head but still sucks for him. I hope the A hole with the gun rots in jail.

Felix Umbra says:

Hey look. Another sign that armed robbery should be treated as attempted murder. ESPECIALLY if they use a gun and fire it.

Felipe Angel says:

Most bad guys are… well you know

Norman Summerton says:

If you lose a finger, I don't consider that a full recovery.

MR_hitstick.42 says:

Shits scary out there folks

Tim Jones says:

Not a white guy

Dagger says:

Man the finger

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