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MetroPCS Employee Absolutely Saves The Day

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Jonathan Downs says:

Way to stay in the fight the obvious lesson I think here is fundamentals and muscle memory especially from that last camera angle. if you're going to carry a firearm practice practice practice. The draw the grip finding your sight picture your sight alignment etc. All of this can be done at home with an empty gun no need to buy ammo for.

james jones says:

Good stuff we learn alot from this video and im glad the co worker id ok she seem nice and she's pretty🙏🙏🙏

Jacobl Hammonds says:

When he hugged her at the end lol

Thomas Merc says:

Poorly executed and fortunately made it .

Ad Saad says:

He took one last shot here 08:48

JusticeAA says:

The thug wore a bright yellow jackets and no gloves to commit a robbery.

Roy Atkin says:

This guy deserves a medal .

Dr.B Mirza says:

I liked the 3rd angle , if you know what I mean 🍑😎

Peter Bunnell says:

His neighbors would have heard the shots!

SeeTheKarma says:

I love the quickness he is to reposition. Despite being in the heat of the moment he was 💯 % effective! That's some pro shit!

Joshua Will says:

He definitely had a smith n wesson glock wouldn't of jammed

Dustin h says:

Norfolk disapproves

walliack says:

either one could have fired through the concealment and scored hits

MTS BOUR says:

I think if a criminal fires a gun at people.
Needs to be an automatic death penalty doesn't matter if no longer a threat or if you surrender.
That's the correct way.

UK man loves goddesses says:

i come faster than it takes the cops to show up

Reach41 says:

12 minutes for the cops to get there….

Alejandro Morales says:

That guy probably got fired for saving the day and having a self defense wpn.

Serkan Kucuk says:

The true gangster in this video is the white skinned guy. No time for losers now go home

Robert Cranford says:

Sooo at 1:01, whats was that? ND?

Mr.Blonde66 Milkyway says:

John you missed it at the very end after saying "you've won the fight, just let him go". Because you can be held responsible for where your shots go. He does shoot at the bad guy as he is running out the door @8:50 You can see the gun kick back from the recoil. You can see it at the end of the video from the back house camera. Good info though. Always enjoy your videos, whether I agree with your diagnostics breakdown's or not…agree to disagree. Love your humility and intentions as an instructor. Sincerely thank you 👍🙏

Dale Fry says:

Scary! The good guy nearly got tagged a few times.
Semi-autos allow you to miss people very quickly!

Felix Okinei says:

That guy must have been rehearsing for that kind of situation all through his life

punyeta kau says:

Lol you talk toomuchhhh dick head… What if you are in that shooting can you shoott.. Lol. I bit not. Cause you talk too muchhh..

Vented , says:

John: he lets him go john are you blind he fires as the dude is running out the store look at his gun it either fires or malfunctions again you can see the recoil

bls001 says:

This happened a mile from my house. I didn’t hear about it until this video due to the fact that there are so many damn robberies and shootings around here that you get used to it and don’t even notice them anymore. It’s also highly possible that the police likely took so long because they were handling a few dozen other shootings that took place the hour before. And they think we law abiding citizens need to give up our guns and call the police and we’ll be safer. Yeah, okay…

Ronin1965 says:

Thats right …… CRAWLLLLLL!!

Smith performance racing says:

12 minutes to arrive. A shooting. 🤔🤔. Reason we need gun's to protect us..

John Dough says:

I did not see him rack the slide to clear the gun.

smokey213 says:

The co worker though 😏😏🍑

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