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Maryland Father Son Duo Stop A Robbery

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Dunn Nuu says:

Ur very cool, ‘logistics’ maybe is too american, i am middle-eastern, ur very popular

DeadEye505 says:

Nope. No way I'd leave my son fighting for his life like this person.

Marco Antonio says:

I did not see any of the whooping you're talking about, man.
Certainly not a duo.

Sera B says:

How a short person can defend herself/himself against tall guy?

Blue Gilly says:

Sawed off shotguns are illegal in Maryland

Khate Emola says:

Whats up with the Father? He did nothing to help.

Sunflower samurai says:

I thought his name was Paul "chad" lol

Jam Isaq says:

Father didn't do any lifting. Could've gotten his son killed by not helping. Zero credit for the father.

Paul Wilson says:

Big Gun, No Ammo

NuncNuncNuncNunc says:

Kid lucked out and faced a robber not a murderer, something he had no way of knowing before hand.

Horacio Pereyra says:

Son by himself dad was holding the front 🚪 door ONLY 😠

Lee Butz says:

The title should be Solo Son

John Edward says:

That injury looks bad hope he can see

John Edward says:

The guy who tackeld robber is not keyboard warrier a real one

Veer Chasm says:

Moustache strong 💪🏻

D M says:

Holy cow that kid is lucky!!! I bet you that kid takes classes to learn how to dominate a weapon takeaway!!! Kudos to that kid not to stand by doing nothing.

sail farah says:

dad was more like" oh boy..what you got us into"😂😂

Kenton Soufal says:

America FUCK YEAH 🇺🇸🇺🇸

Anthony Griffith says:

Wow..shitty dad

Kind Heart says:

The son had a Big Brass Pair, while the dad's were obviously Paper Mache.

Panik Attack says:

Lucky he didnt get a blast point blank.

v10moped says:

clickbait title

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