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Managing Unknown Contacts Is Crucial To Successful Self Defense

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In Gratitude I Am says:

I get out quickly after scanning the area. More importantly, if I am being followed, I'll make a few turns and if that doesn't take care of the problem, I drive over to the police station and park in that lot. That always does the trick.

john peck says:

I just don’t trust people

Jeffrey B says:

Nobody asks for directions anymore unless they’re up to something.

macc niemann says:

That's why you stay ready..bang bang if you try that shit with me boy

John DOE says:

Ruthless. I tend to go straight in the house. But fortunately for me I live in a place where if there is someone around I would most likely notice and keep watch.

Roger Smith says:

Those guys are total punks

SuperDave says:

Well, we know who they will probably vote for, free stuff!

guynemer53 says:

I only sit in my car before I leave for work at 8pm. Doors locked and windows up at least. Btw does anyone ever get out of their car to ask for directions? That would throw up a ree flag to me. Just glad that guy was ok

Tanner Chopp says:

Ok John, if I lived in an extremely sketchy area I would probably get out of my vehicle quicker than usual but for God sakes I'm not going to run from my car to house even if I lived in a city… yea I would be aware and alert, but if you arent in the sketchy side of town at all or especially out in the country, there is no need to be a paranoid about getting robbed or shot… I think you went a little bit overboard telling people to swiftly enter their house from their vehicle… we already have enough fear porn pushed all over the mainstream, and this advice is unnecessarily pushing fear

BD_ Promaster says:

I sit in car bro lol sometimes I fall sleep in car of work

David Anderson says:

I’m sure there parents are proud.

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