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Man Tries To Shoot Up Precinct And Officers Detain Him

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Subaru Thug says:

The irony of it all…..shoot to kill, but save him at all costs if he's not dead.

Paul Is says:

The real question is “why did his friend die in custody?”

David Velez says:

Love your commentary

Eddy Lloyd says:

Show his face.

Sound Money says:

I remember seeing this years ago.

Not sure what kind of justice this got for his friend who died in custody.

Glider014 says:

first question, WHY DID SOMEONE DIE in the Holding Cell in the first place ??? Police is not innocent!

Justice will be served on all COLD

Jacob Gill says:

I really like that line about getting real small then getting real big that's a very good analogy

James Miles says:

I do not understand why police body cameras are not the best money can buy, maybe even better than that. The importance of this tool is immeasurable.

Sikho Guwa says:

Guy had his own but choose to start a fight with cops instead of shooting himself, coward.

Brock Jensen says:

Happy times


He didn't say "I'll be back"

youtube Licks My Taint says:

I see the ponytail was trying to get in on the action. But they/thems cardio was weak AF!!!!!!

OldSchool Jeremy says:

Even without a radio they just had to announce "Shots fired! Shots fired!"

Mark Cramer says:

One of the most common places for criminals to get guns is from robbing police stations in South Africa. The criminals know the police are easier targets than privately armed citizens.

DSToNe19and83 says:

At this point, hopefully he rocking a scullet from now on!
Or Brazil style where they would have a hole in their hand!
Or Mideast style where they chop off parts!
Some learn better than others..

Ed says:

Bring the jeri curls back 😊

Bassmangotdbluz says:

Cop at the desk popped up in the same place? Has he not trained? Shoot, Move. Shoot, Move. Shoot, Move.

BigRedFred33 says:

I might be mistaken, but I don’t think you can run very fast with your pants down around you thighs…

Patrick MacFadden says:

The Taurus (?) G series the perp used has a long trigger pull and an indefinite reset. It's a 9mm, and the grip is undersized unless a 1 round aftermarket mag round extender is installed on the magazine. Fortunately, I think the recoil and poor grip plus the Perps ineptness contributed to the perps missing the Officers, thank God.

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