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Man Prepares To Fight One Robber But Wins Against Two

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Conan The Great says:

I think he might've taken the "bodega temperature challenge".

One Winged Angel Sephiroth says:

1:37 yikes 😳 😂

Nathan Mieure says:

That dude is a beast!

Reel Fishing says:

He was lucky , they didn’t shoot him when he fail the disarmed

ddave says:

This guy was a badass…a very lucky badass .. but a beast none the less..

Texas Punisher says:

Third monkey! That’s funny. Your reviews are awesome and very sad when our lack of training fails us. Never Quit!

Contra Mundum says:

That stomp to the back of his neck was extremely satisfying to watch.

Ricky says:

Even though this is in Brazil, all I see while watching this is people are fed up with the criminal Justice system and lack there of. Nice to see a win for the good guys like this man minding his own business. After all, In a country in a turmoil there will be hero’s

mootsmanuva says:

The stomp at the end was a nice touch. I approve 100%

Walt D says:

Anyone that has ever been hit in the head with a metal object knows that any nice guy you had in you, just left!

Keinlieb says:

It's sad when a good hard working person is turned into a criminal when they are forced into positions where they have to defend themselves and go a little too far.

J I. says:

Kudos and praise to the store clears for defending his life and property.

Kyle says:

What does the "+ 1" mean when John mentions the 5 Ds +1?

Chauncy Popperstein says:

The head stop is legally questionable

Random Task says:

The reflex jerk of the legs after he stomped him 😂

J Jasper says:

No low IQ cowards in blue needed just men being brave and women being bold.

C Trainman says:

Great video today John, I so love when the bad guys take the (insert place) temperature challenge. Means they won't come back to rob or kill another innocent person. I personally think the defender was very lucky these two guys were not willing to murder someone, just rob them.

Quantiples says:

He’s just lucky they were not murderers. They were unlucky that he was willing to use lethal force

Peekaboo says:

He made Brazil a better place.

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