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Man Kills Girlfriend’s Ex-Husband, Claims Self-Defense

A Texas man shot and killed his girlfriend’s ex-husband during a dispute over childcare in a newly-released video. Kyle Carruth claims self defense and has not been arrested over the incident, which happened when Chad Read got into an argument with his ex-wife, Christina, over what time he was supposed to pick up their son. Once Chad arrived at the home in Lubbock, Carruth and Christina told the father to leave. As the argument heated up, Carruth went inside and got a rifle.


James says:

If it's texes and he is on his property then yea its self defense …. Is castle all

Chelsea Turner says:

How is this self defense ?






Has not being arrested okay have a good day


Once he seen that gun he should have Just left and called the police. You still trying to go toe to toe with somebody with a gun. They both angry. I would have told him. No. That's my son's father. The custody arrangement is between the father and the mother. Not the Father and mother, and boyfriend.

Sylvester Uchia says:

"I told you"
Kyle he didn't throw a single punch, he was a good distance away when he shot. As a man I can say that that's not a situation where you feel threatened for your life to the point u feel you have to kill somebody.

Mikey Henry says:

You do NOT involve anyone besides the biological parents in custody conversations.. and if u can’t do it nicely you get a PROFESSIONAL third party to go through.

Jasmin Rodriguez says:

Sleep defense??!!!!!! MY ASS!!!!!
He's the one who came out with the dam gun !!!!!!! This is sad I feel bad for his son and his mother is an idiot letting her bf get involved big mistakes these mothers do now a days!!!!!

Ṃıṡṡʏ says:

People need to stop throwing around the word “self-defense” because wtf was Kyle defending himself from? His own rifle? The video clearly shows that both were going head to head. But of course Big guy Kyle can’t fight like A man gotta get his weapon and show who’s boss over the other man’s SON.

Kimberly Vinson says:


Adrian Messenger says:

It's self defense.

flumist jum says:

Dude would not get off his property I would do the same

Djdndj Dndndj says:

Anit no self defense he wanted to get his child her dumb ass should just had the child out there waiting

Ṃıṡṡʏ says:

Her current boyfriend seems controlling and crazy. Just a feeling tho

joeodd2 says:

As a gun owner, I have to fight against the temptation to fantasize about using my weapon. It's very seductive and some folks just dream about it all the time. I can't tell you how many online arguments I've had with people who invite me over to their home to shoot me, it's insane! And yes, I live in Texas. This is one reason why I would never conceal carry, I wouldn't want a disagreement to turn into taking another person's life.

Nancy simmer says:

Whatever happened to the good old fist fight? So the guy thought his life was in danger how because the guy he shot had fist,SO SAD 😞

Cecilia Rauth says:

Every murderer is gonna claim self-defense after the Rittenhouse case.👎☹😡

StarMarsia says:

What I learn never to be with someone who owns a gun and bad temper. Soon your next.

Call Me Winter says:

So is that a new thing Irresponsible adults do now? Pull out guns and shoot at people amd calling it "Self Defence"

Tail Feather says:

What they don’t show you is the part where the father swings the boyfriend around into the yard and the husband walking towards the door as the boyfriend lifts the gun and shots him in the back. In my opinion this is murder the “new” boyfriend shouldn’t of been involved in the dispute between the wife and ex husband it was between them he was there to pick up his son that the wife and boyfriend were refusing to do. Also there was absolutely no need for a gun to even be involved when your fists work well enough. It was the husbands time with his son. Also I can’t imagine the mental torture this would be on the son.

Kiyoncé Kartier says:

Well….he got what he asked for…I would've left at that point, but that's just me

Chris Castillo says:

In all honestly even if the guy had the gun he should of lowkey back off and not antagonize him like that,I disapprove of that boyfriend butting into that argument, all I’m saying is that it’s certainly is self defense

ponceprmitierra says:


Shelia McCullough says:

RIP 🌹🎈🙏Amen

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