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MADtv Self Defense for Women


BigMobe says:

And no mention of what she could have done to him? Fuck that a girl attacks
am man she deserves whatever she gets. Women aren’t exempt from
consequence. Man or woman, it make no difference once you attack someone
you are fair game to be attacked back. If some chick hit me in the nuts I’d
cunt punch the shit out her to see if she likes it.

Alice Grey says:

thank you it’s a “humankind must survive” thing. if all the men left, and
all the women and children ( boys and girls) died, now all we have on earth
is a sausage fest…

Alice Grey says:

your friend could have/did seriously hurt that girl.

Jason Littleton says:

Here’s your gun rights commercial lol

alex serrano says:

I knew a girl that said she can take over the world.. 5ft tall 115 lbs..
She really believes it..


well, Thankfully i don’t “hang out” with those kind of ignorant people. i
tend to stay away from those people.

BigMobe says:

They are ignorant. What they fantasize about is a desperate, beautiful
woman free of disease that they actually want to have sex with, which
wouldn’t be rape. Rape is when someone that nobody wants to have sex with
forces themselves onto another person or onto a person to young to
understand the consequences. Ask those ignorant people how they would feel
if they were forced at gun point to have sex with a fat, smelly, HIV
infected woman that got pregnant and sued them for child support.


That’s the way the world works. double standard. i have actually heard many
even joke about females raping males and how if it happened to them, it
wouldn’t have bothered them (and i’m putting it nicely here, the language
used, was much more “crude”).

BigMobe says:

Fair enough. Here in my country rape i pretty much defined as male only
crime even when a woman forces a man to have sex at gun point. Even sexist
Google defines a rapist as a man that rapes.

BigMobe says:

Afterwards he dropped to his knees and didn’t move for about 15 minuets. If
you are pissed enough no amount of pain will stop you from acting.


because the country i am in right now, females are not as “forward” as the
males. although i am aware that there are female rapists too.

Sam Akbarizadeh says:

Two conclusions can be drawn: i) The blow was not hard enough ii) The
presence of *potentially targeted* balls is controversial

BigMobe says:

Nothing strong ever needed empowering.

BigMobe says:

Why do you assume the rapist is a he?

BigMobe says:

When I was in high school one of my friends said something to a girl she
didn’t like and she kneed him in the balls. His face turned red and you
could see the pain but it did not slow him down even a little. With zero
hesitation he snatched her earring out, ripping her earlobe, then threw her
over a car into the street.

houchi69 says:

7 children in 3 years. xD

Sam Akbarizadeh says:

Believe it as this comes from an individual of the male sex. We can survive
long bouts of no oxygen and long durations of no vision. What we can’t
handle is testicular torsion, penile bruising or just not getting laid. So
if a creep comes around, go for the balls

joshua schmit says:

The handgun feels so empowering lololol. the son was the real hero of
this clip.

Andre Morgan says:

The “1-2-Flee” is so gloriously demonstrated


not every country allows guns to be purchased by civilians without a good
reason for it, especially not without a license. even knives are illegal in
many of them. just fyi, there are other countries in the world besides the


In real life, you let go of the bag, give up the wallet, etc. unless
there’s something in your bag that is much more important than your life.
you can’t just start attacking, if you see there’s a chance the attacker
might leave you alone after he’s gotten what he needed. unless it’s a rape
situation, then you kill the bastard, YES! KILL, by any means necessary,
plain and simple.

joh3628 says:

Sucks if you live in a gun restricted area

Townes Van Zeppelin says:

good bit, I didn’t laugh but I found the point well made and clear.

Oakey Dokey says:

I like to think this has an implied gun rights message at the end..

Divansteffy morbident says:

this hilirious hahahahahahaha and guys dnt get the point here lol

gkhinduatheist says:

So, its only sexist when men do/say it!! having a vaginabetween your legs
makes you women more important!! Well, lady, REALITY CHECK: single mothers
give rise to the max. juvenile delinquents!! W/O any male role model that
acts as a disciplining force, the children of such EMPOWERED and LIBERATED
women only end up as trash…which brings me to this conclusion: better to
have no children than have trashy ones!!

lolaz wabby says:

its not even funny, its too “clean”

24mymelody says:

if you read between the lines, this skit is essentially a joke about when
“feminazi clap-trap” meets reality. (sort of like when keeping it real goes
wrong, but for upper middle class white women) it’s also a commentary on
how out of touch the upper middle class is. so, the video made your point
for you, actually.

ct thorste says:

women leave sinking ships first because we’re more important.

sabra abraham says:

haha when she started talking bout the ghetto with them crack heads i was
just like…i didnt expect that at all

iLovesToHatez says:

“Their are crackwhores everywhere but it’s okay because I’m the only whitie
in town. ” LOLwut!

gkhinduatheist says:

Yup! That is typical feminazi clap-trap fro ya! All talk and no
action…..if women are really that stronger than men pound-for-pound, esp.
as far as mental courage goes, then why do women still leave first with the
kids when the ship sinks, a flood or an earthquake occurs or when the
building catches fire? I thought women were equals of men and were no
longer the weak sex at all, and thus shouldn’t be treated as weaklings
needing a man’s help?

BmoreBirds22 says:

True and funny

marcus easterling says:


John Brown says:

*From MADtv, the power of self defense: Smith & Wesson!*

A five minute video about self defense training that ends with a revolver.

MADtv Self Defense for Women

Debbie Micev says:


Rachel Palmer says:


Krewe Maynard says:

The Lady Smith & Wesson: Better than peeing yourself.

h/t +Rachel Palmer 

marcus easterling says:


Jonathan Moore says:


Incognito TG says:

Because martial arts aren’t useless as you say. They can save your life and
your cheap tricks will only get you killed. If life were only as easy as
you say.

HowDyaYouLikeMeNow says:

Ha ha! Yeah, pretty much, mate.

sean m says:

How about in real life, girls, pull out your glock and blow them away with
15 capsules of lead poisoning.

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