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Louisville Officers Respond To An Armed Threat

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Rogelio MurilloJr says:

Damn 9mm humbles a man real quick.

jean pierre Please enter a name says:

always the same stupid sentence after being shot 1 or 100 times "put your hands behind your back!" they are ether dead or can't move like what the FUCK!

Matt's Ideal RC says:

First cop rolled up in S197 Mustang. Sweet!

Kimberly O says:

Did the cop say "boo!" ?

Cristian Cortez says:

Officer after shooting the suspect: That was a good shot though, right? Lol

Stuart Stevenson says:

Immaculate shot.

Willie b Bacon says:

We realize this person was a threat , but why do you make up names as to where these people die, Ephesians chap 5 vs 4

Luke Shults says:

I love the channel…only one “negative” comment…I wish you wouldn’t show the preview of what’s going to happen before the main video starts.

Ollie Pollie says:

One less scumbag

emhyr hidari says:

hahaha Side walk Temprecher challenge

Oxygen795 says:

Great restraint by leos

Mike says:

Another suicide by cop.

arnold tice says:

0:49 I just about became homeless had I not been given this. Check it out simply search for ., f u n d a i l y p a y


This looked awful sketchy at first. Goes to show how bad most of our initial reactions are to badge cam footage.

Savmitch1 says:

What a shot! I would want him as my partner and covering my asp!

KRS ONE says:

Listen to her.."keep your hands where we can see them" Another great female cop. Dude aint move until she said something.

Carter says:

Lady is trying to use the force to arrest him.

James Rogers says:

Got to do a twisted tea breakdown.
Hope you're working on it.

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