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Learn Self-Defense Strategies: Armed Robbery in the Philippines

Baker Targets brought us today’s video of Learn Self-Defense Strategies: Armed Robbery in the Philippines. is my go-to source for targets for training and practice! Give them a shot the next time you order targets and thank them for sponsoring today’s video! Sign up for the ASP Unlimited App to watch Learn Self-Defense Strategies: Armed Robbery in the Philippines! without ads, a free 7-day trial, and get SO much more here: Then download it on your devices and sign in. News Stories: Raw Videos: Do you want to see John shave off all his hair or do you think he should keep growing it out? Help fund SWAT Ministries and choose to cut it or keep it by donating here today!
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Ruthanne E says:

U look 29 yrs younger

Jarvis Rutherford says:

Algorithm defeated

Chaos Kill says:

A better fundraiser, would be shooting Mike with non-lethal stuff. 😂

Dean Myers says:

It is sad that that ridiculous hairdo has made him lose all credibility

JT says:

Apparently the robbers all got caught because the phones they stole all had GPS. GPS saves the day again! HA, suckerss!

Neil Newton says:

Man that corner table at the right of the screen with a high capacity fire arm ,i would have given atleast the first two the restuarant temperture challenge,,, trust me on that .

Omininc says:

is a very stupid desition go out to a dangerous zone's site without security service in the dangerous city at night. As Jhon use to say, "avoid doing stupid things in stupid places at stupid times"

Yusuke U says:

It’s not easy to get fire arms in the Philippines and if you have a license it must accompany with permit to carry and even though you have license and permit to carry, still there’s a limitation to carry. When you ride a public train, going to shopping mall, you are not allowed to carry firearms. There is no constitutional right for the people. If you are politicians, law enforcement, rich people bodyguards or criminals, these are the people has advantage. Money talks in that country. I Feel bad for middle to lower class people, these are the victims most of the time.

Ryan Clark says:

A Cebu is just a water buffalo

Tech says:

The bad guys are winning! Start fighting stop paying your taxes in your name get a bank that’s in your companies name! The enemies of man are winning.

orion 2250 says:

Scan for targets, blast the ones with guns first

nemesis says:

Not in Cebu, this robbery happened in Cavite, the grab man is already caught

John Wool says:

…and coming to America soon.

kurt william says:

He’s thinking who’s paying for the pizza?

bassmangotdbluz says:

The couple needed to leave before someone asked them to pay for their meal.

bassmangotdbluz says:

There are over 70 dialects spoken in the Philippines. People in neighboring villages can't converse because of it.

Canadian Ebike outlet says:

At least he got to keep his helmet ⛑ 😊

4 doors more whores says:

Lame video. Let’s see something interesting soon

Mitch Miller says:

I think the language is called Cebuano, not Cebu.

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