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Learn REAL Self-Defense Techniques and Strategies



FightTips with Shane Fazen says:

Learn REAL #SelfDefense techniques & PROGRAM YOUR INSTINCTS!

Raekon Ravenel says:

Whats your opinion on competing in the MMA cage , i train freestyle
mma/karate, but i was thinking about competing just for the fame and
getting known, but im not sure if its worth it.

Frank X says:

Hopefully you stress that a persons life (your own) is not worth getting
shot at for a car/phone/etc while trying to play “mr. save yourself.”

Sharingan1997x says:

The other guy hasn’t blinked his eyes…the whole time.

jose romel labatos says:

Great self defence tips. Now I need to do my laundry.

dhananjai sharma says:

couldn’t find the link

owen devaney says:

check spam thats what mine was on

semipro1236 says:

Guys… dont even try to fight against someone with a pistol, try to argue
with him to solve the situation :D

Maker Music says:

Shane you know in real life they wont wait till you get up they start
shooting and once you run and call the cop they will stoll shoot you

madarrauchiha1 says:

Does anyone know what gym shane trains at and where is it located I wanna
go to a good gym to practise fighting but most of these arent good like
shanes videos do me more then dojos here so ya also how can you tell if a
dojo is good before getting involved in it please do video on that xD :)

Cristian Mercado says:

I dont have an email

TheAAbck says:

what colour would a planned fight be like you dont get attacked directaly
on the spot right there but when you have to fight someone lets say after
school or at a specific time which you have time to evaluate the
situation.planned fights vs unexpected fights how does it make you react

z3m0s says:

i love how ant is just like a dummy for shane

RuckusAmsel says:

In this day and age, I’m honestly afraid of getting arrested/sued for
assault even if I had clearly defended myself against a threat. 

shelby jones says:

So I put in my email and Iv been waiting for several hours and I never got
the confirmation I’m not sure wat to do here… Can anybody help?

Sy Chanthaboune says:

Can someone please tell me how this works? Like if you sign up, what
exactly happens- just wondering… Thank you!

Trenton Singleton says:

I was hoping it would be free. I’m just 14, nevermind this

XCritonX says:

Many armed robberies are committed by teams, 1 point man who approaches the
mark and 2 wing-men who hang back ready to offer assistance and watch for
the police. If you are unarmed (without a gun) you might disarm the point
man, however, unless you draw and do a 360º to see what other threats are
there you will get popped by the now angry wing-men.

LilNinjaxoxo says:

Ant is always your punching dummy! Its funny! But dont hurt him!!! Jk ik
you would never hurt him! He is your bestie! Lololololol you guys make a
great team!!!

Whizzy says:

Another sik vid

Blake Rogers says:

Hey shane can you give my broth a shout out its his birthday he wasn’t able
to be here he is at basics for the air gaurd

ARTUN3 says:

Well.. It’s not free? Watch the next vid :/

seandbeezy13 says:

does anyone else realize how ant doesn’t move once until Shane mentions the

S McGivern says:

Thanks for the tips when I was at school one time this guy was walking up
to me and my first thought was fight tips he threw a punch to the side of
my head but I countered and the force of his punch sent him flying into the

Elijah Lombardo says:

You are freaking awsome Shane thanks for another awsome video

Thebluntpencil8 says:

Well ok but who just shoots some random guy for no reason?

poloiss says:

I don’t receive the email

Infurtunado20 says:

Thanks for everything shane, happy holidays

Cristian Mercado says:

R u going to make vids to or just on the website 

Infurtunado20 says:

Hope your channel keep growing

mikeymc32 says:

Ants stone stare is starting to get scary! Hahahaha

horslems says:

is it really necessary to learn self defence in america where u can carry
weapons legally? excuse my ignorance but im from Sweden and here we cant
really carry weapons.

Zachary Pridemore says:

Haha I got the 350th like and there was no dislikes I feel awsome!

Harry Harrison says:

What martial arts do you practice and have practiced 

Hubba Bubba says:

shitty camerman! 😛 great video :P

David L says:

This is a cool video.. Keep up the streets smarts

Devin Herrmann says:

waiting for the confirmation….its been an hour :C

sbrennan96 says:

Automatic civic? C’mon Shane I expected better from a badass like you

julio valdes says:

nice vid

TheAvionPro says:

I thought you were going to give us these videos on youtube :(

okrazeedits says:

Ant is staring into our souls.. o_o

Animewatcher5000 says:

While shane was talking about self defense I couldn’t concentrate on him
because Ant was literally looking at me without blinking. It was disturbing
I felt like he was looking through me. Great video though!

Peter Higgins says:

Instead of learning this stuff all you need are simple tips….unless you
are in white always be ready for a fight. Always watch your back and think
of the possible outcomes….if you think they will begin fighting you and
they get in your face instantly jump back and get into a fight stance
unless they have a weapon if that is the case you run into a populated area
or into a shop etc. Or you counter that weapon appropriately…

Cassie B. says:

Learn REAL #SelfDefense techniques & PROGRAM YOUR INSTINCTS!

nmr20067 says:

The guy you disarmed needed to be closer for this to be more real. What I
mean is when someone wants to rob you at Gun point, they will be up on you
so close, you will know what the bastard had for lunch or dinner. 

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