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Layered Defense for Self Defense or Bare Knuckle Boxing | I Can Block Any Attack

Comments, questions and criticism has been rolling in… so we take a break to answer some of them concerning defense. Get hard2hurt merch here! Please consider supporting hard2hurt and get exclusive content available only on Patreon. Follow Mike: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: My Kit: Icy Mike and Passive Jay Podcast: DISCLAIMER: This video and description contain affiliate links, which means that if you click on them, hard2hurt receives a small commission. This helps supports the hard2hurt channel and allows us to continue to make videos like this. Thanks for supporting us and stay hard2hurt. Music: Lying Low by Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License…


hard2hurt says:

Question for Viewers: How about that jumping spinning back kick from Furqat? Slick or what?

bc5766 says:

Bruh u rockin them quad teardrops 💪 LEG DAY ✊

Long Jawn says:

Thought it was pretty self-explanatory that the object is to Not get hit.. Only thing that might have confused people is when you said something like "I can take more of these than he can give".. that's just a simple truth, Not a recommendation

whybanksy says:

one time i came straight at this chick and was hitting on her hard, everything was repelled by her friends cock block. i couldnt make a connection.

kwonkicker says:

Dude, I was literally thinking of the same block right before you did it 😆😆😆

Andrew Ferris says:

Out of curiosity, what do you think of the old time boxing crouches for self defense ? The more I look at these stances, the more they seem adoptable to MMA or the street.

Adnan Adil says:

These are exactly the layers I use… kinda proud of myself! 🙂 Now I realize that all those who believe that they are fast as Neo and they don't need footwork were wrong.
P.S. The voice of the internet specialists is awesome. I don't blame them for not making videos with some priceless pieces of advice… with those voices they only can write and their speaking abilities are reduced significantly. 🙂

602GRIND says:

'If he does that then I'll just do this' …armchair martial artists are unbeatable

Haragei Lucid says:

Haha, i think i inspired a video. Good shit, man.

sz42781 says:

This is good but a trained boxer can go body head head body real fast

Greg Perman says:

Death star block. It's only weakness is a spinning kick through the ventilation port

HateJethro says:

bec rawlings is using the same kind of defense he is talking about vs hart on bare knuckle fc, search it up.

Hunter Hall says:

I'm half proud and half pissed to see you teaching all my favorite little secrets. 👍

JHamm says:

Do a Video on Bare knuckle over hand right or casting hook on the 3. I get that nice tight 90 degree hook, no probs throwing that. I've been playing with throwing that loooong overhand with my thumb down so I can hit with the top two knuckles but losing power because the wrist gives. Should I think more pulling down to my knee or across to my left shoulder, what's the follow through like on that shot.

Kripto Danny says:

I think I love you…must be some former life in Japan when we were young…..and smelling the cherry trees?…well..actually we were eating the fucking cherries ! and the one chased us?..the sumo 200 kilos guy?..and even as young as you were,you blocked his punch?..aghhh..sweet memories from the other life….we run away as we were 5 years old…laughing?…I still taste the cherry tree!……….by the way,your way of moving is awesome!… so keep your body steady…just bob your head up and down like an orangutan trying to get laid by some amazonian bride?..just for my personal innate curiosity ??…why you dont move sideways?
I mean…is not better to move the body,besides the head bobbing up and down?…moving the head is ok…but you look static,as legs…if no gloves…
Do you really think an expert like you…will block forever?
Yes I know you can block in real fight..but not forever!
In real fight is ,,block,, HIT,,,,,if he absorbs the hit,,,*martials arts dudes can be hit by a truck..happened to me today..,sorry for the truck damage!
My point is…use more motion around the skinny guy?…(not that the sucker would have a chance to with just for explaining)
kiss and love as always!

Mr. R says:

You're doing it wrong Mike, you have to drop to the floor instead of in the air. Super eggshell defense. LOL great video and explanation.

vc26 Victor says:

I know that guard as "the helmet guard" it's very effective the trick is to keep your hands at cheek level, and your chin down at all times and be subtle with the movements, i had a guy tell me that switching levels with the double jab doesn't work that I'll be easily counted like really? Too fucking many boxing experts out there ignore the bullshit bro.

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