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Lawyer claims Atlanta music executive, Ludacris manager acted in self defense during deadly shooting

We’re expected to learn more about the investigation that has the music executive facing murder charges.


J Prophet says:

Self defense is only for white people. They're the only people that can do self defense and get away with it.

M. says:


Grayman says:

Had it been ANOTHER MAN that fired the weapon, he'd be in jail.

Chris S says:

Really if that was the case why did he leave the scenes.

Kevina Murray says:

Am I wrong for laughing at that woman who got punched and decided she should just stay out of it afterwards 🤣😂🤣😂🤣 why do woman do that, it's stupid and no one see you as a victim when you attack first 🤷🏾‍♀️

Production Apostle says:

Black shirt pushing the guy in tan is the manager .. had to go to TMZ to see where the arrows were

Production Apostle says:

Great cause we know who is who in the video.. guess I should look on TMZ they will have an arrow

Quita Quita says:

Which person is Chaka Zulu in the video??

1911 Earthling says:

He started the fight he can’t claim self defense.

b.visconti says:

Why Are Black People Everywhere Killing Each Other?? Where Is BLM? Why aren't they helping the Black Community???😳

R. Clarke says:

A lot of people in that video should be charged with something. Any type of assault and/or fighting should not be happening in civilized society. Things will just escalate quickly. Tribal or gang mentality needs to stop. I am not sure where it begins, schools, parents, or both?

Donna Alexander says:

It’s Self-defense only charging him because he’s a black man if he was a white man they wouldn’t even bring no charges like this it’s only because he’s a proud black brother that even charged him like this

Joe Knightus says:

Straight up MURDER. Lock his self-righteous ass up.

Atlien says:

Did that man just punch a female like that ??? Anybody that can sucker punch a female..yeah you deserve anything that happens to you! WTF

Adarsha Dhungel says:


Danny Hayes says:

This is Ludacris. Gang Warfare.

nameofmychannel says:

Fuck em all

K. Evan Rude says:

No identification of who was punching who given in report. Absolutely worthless reporting.

Unknown says:


J Mac says:


TaShawn Williams says:

He (the victim)got what he asked for really he should’ve shot them all. It was 5 of them he on the ground in the parking lot of the business he owns. Fortunately for him and his other business expertise he not only chose to have security but his own registered weapon. Clean case of self defense won’t be any civil shit it doesn’t take 5 men to whoop 1 hell nah I don’t feel sorry for who got what they didn’t expect. I’m sure he didn’t expect to go open his own damn club up and be jumped by clowns who were bout to paddin his pockets to enter🤦🏽‍♀️

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