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LAPD Stops Skateboarding Car Thief

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@OG_Rider says:

Tony Hawk would be proud.

@jodypalevsky4193 says:

すまねえなイチ ゲット

@darkguset says:

"Skateboard into the night…
My people need me!" 🤣😂

@chesa6795 says:

Felony Hawk, who knew Mike had mad comedian skills. That was as funny as the body check on the 1 yard line, sending dip shit out of bounds.

@borobinson7005 says:

Im sure he didn't break his leg in the wreck cause he wouldn't be able to haul aas on that skateboard lol it most likely happened during the tackle or polyester pileup 😹🤣🤣🤘

@jeffslaven says:

That was special alright! 😆 Great video guys!

@MrMegacurie says:

Marty McFly evasion tactics 😂

@ParmMohan-us6rn says:

I loved those Terry Tate commercials 😂😂😂

@alphillips5478 says:

Well the broken leg CANT be from the car wreck as he SKATED away!

@jameswhitaker1324 says:

1:31 in a certain way, it’s more ideal than you think. Ever seen a successful PIT against a trailer wielding truck? lol 4:23 yes, you got to that. Yes, and the funny thing is the perp gave up the vehicle at that point almost like he cared what would happen to the truck and trailer if he just continues the fleeing. Definitely not the sharpest knife in the drawer.

@johnnygutierrez9855 says:


@dallindurrant7486 says:

facing several charges in california = 6 months probation and community service

@CMDRFandragon says:

The one perp who put a little bit of thought into his strategy, but he messes up when he hi jacks the worst vehicle for a pursuit….

@kvmalley says:

Ok you guys deserve an award for this one! Hands down absolutely the best ASP Badgecam episode yet! Only thing missing is the Wicked Witch of The East music in the background! 😂😂

@Abdulellahis300 says:

Of game hahaha 😂😂🤣🤣

@ArnB-hk4hn says:

6:28 John is enjoying this video more than any other..😂

@kr6484 says:

His right leg hit the curb when he was pushed. May he change his ways and follow our Lord and savior Yeshua ha'Moshiach

@cut-- says:

pretty sure the break was @2:31 YOU WIN a trip to the ER!

@joelroxgarza5437 says:

Just fish tail the trailer, and he ain't going nowhere

@traviscarrolloutdoors9580 says:

You can see him break his leg on the curb 🤭 hilarious

@Galford8322 says:

LA still using the crown vic?


Critical thinking skills are very important in police work


He almost got away Lol

@JavierRodriguez-sm4jw says:

What are jerk.

@preparedsurvivalist2245 says:

You can't push skate for distance! The cops could literally just follow him casually at idle speed in their cars and just wait for him to tire out about a quarter mile down the road.

@ErikaWithAK78 says:

Chile… a vest & a skateboard! 🤣🤣🤣🤣

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