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LAPD Officers Use Beanbag Rounds To Subdue Suspect

Newbold is now Throom! Please thank them for bringing us today’s video on LAPD Officers Use Beanbag Rounds To Subdue Suspect! Check them out at ; their FB page has good information too. I use their targets in my classes and training and they’re a great alternative to steel! ASP Extra Beanbag Rounds: 2021 ASP National Conference: April’s Emotional Fitness Seminar: Check out the ASP Instructor Certification Program at: Cover Your ASP Tour: ASP Extra: Need a Quality Holster? Here are a few that we recommend: Full Kydex Dark Star Gear – Henry Holsters – KSG Armory –  Three Quarter Kydex Black Arch Protos M –  For more information – ASP merch is now in stock in the store…go get a newly designed limited edition ASP polo! If you value what we do at ASP, would you consider becoming an ASP Patron Member to support the work it takes to make the narrated videos like LAPD Officers Use Beanbag Rounds To Subdue Suspect? or gives the details and benefits. Raw videos: Attitude. Skills. Plan. ASP Sponsors and Recommended Products: (music in the outro courtesy of Bensound at Copyright Disclaimer. Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for “fair use” for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.


xDosDRB says:



-Here, take those beans!

s h a d ø w b a n n e d says:

Police work isn't supposed to be easy. That's the entire point.

Jimbo Lozza says:

Ridiculous that they’re chasing him around with bean bags…need a non-lethal tech that’s 100% effective

Irvine Spiegel says:

4:10 too much Battlefield
My instincts said "GRENADE!!!"

s h a d ø w b a n n e d says:

"Less lethal"… it's a term that doesn't even exist, like "excited delirium".

If it's lethal, then it's lethal.

superdave says:

i applaud these officers! Dude swung at a cop he had every right to use deadly force Great job guys! 10 years a go in lLA this would have ended very bad for home dude!

Merritt Benton says:

14:31 Casually points gun at a bystander…

Thinking Highly says:

3:41 "You drop that fucking stick right now before I blow your fucking head off"

Bit extreme… America is a whole new kind of fucked up.

John Jones says:

This is like the first time I've seen the US police de-escalate, normally he would have been mag dump miked by them all. Mace him and beat him with the truncheons for a bit makes me nervous they even point a firearm at him

Johnny Dough says:

How many times will be the ‘last time’? Zzzzz. You’re signing up for suicide if you’re a cop. They neuter you. Knowing this, all cops should find another career ASAP.

Mike Shinn says:

Ate those beanbags like a champ! Yummy, give me more 😋

WIC'd Genius 2k says:

Can we get more civilian based self defense scenario videos

noi boop says:

re upload ?

stoner27th says:

there are twenty of you and he has a stick.. just tackle the guy and pile up on him.. lol

tony pro says:

All that for one crackhead???? 🤦‍♂️

JOL1269 says:

Too much time wasted on this guy

Antoine Powell says:

I’m glad they didn’t kill this brother people with mental illness should not die much respect to them

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