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LAPD Officers Respond To Aggravated Suspect

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Qodeshym Churchwell says:

Knucklehead rodeo.🤣😂🤣😂

mAX Ruano says:

Can’t wait for the podcast

Ikonik213 says:

I know that hood. It's right on the corner of the 8st projects…

CJ Evans says:

Always the big crap talkers who are the little, weak punks.

John Babb says:

And right now, I feel like gettin' chocked out, you feel me homie, then I'm gunna go to the county jail homie, cuz that's what I want, and when lil B starts, I'll get my ass handed to me, cuz that's what I want.🤣….and I proly need new teeth.🤣😂🤣

Rudy _ says:

Im getting out of my car

nate chave says:

This was actually good policing. 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 to these officers. They were calm and and professional under stress

Tristan DeCoulson says:

somebody give that cop a cigar and a drink of his choice. Nicely done 🙂

cosmosgato says:

3:22 that sound 😂

Dog Food says:

“I can’t breathe” waaan waaan what a cry baby lmao

Frank says:

Thank God, I thought this was going to be another example of cops who didn't know how to fight. Good, quick control and a solid takedown. That was NOT a choke and there was little to no pressure on his trachea or his carotids.

A.R. Iftein says:

Happy to see the police are still allowed to use force in Commie-fornia.

Mike Blake says:

If you’re going to act like an asshole don’t be surprised if you get treated like one.
Making police wear body cameras has handcuffed police in the old days if a cop told you move along move along and if you didn’t you got The business end of a nightstick.

monocogenit1 says:

That was awesome. Thank you officer. This guy is obviously a shit head.

Jose Ortiz says:

It’s ok buddy. No it’s not ok foo 🤣🤣🤣🤣

147 Waverly says:

If you can say " i can't breathe" then you can breathe

caddi bronze says:

Love educational beatdown.

Danny says:

"I do what I want"
Also, "I can't breathe"
The irony

kokizag says:

Yes John, here in California, we have to worry about running into this kind of scenario on a daily basis if we're out and about. I'm sick & tired of it! I'm so happy they turned him from wana be tough guy, to a lil wooz. 👌

Dan Maul says:

When keepin it real goes wrong!

Everybody a bada$$ until they meet a bada$$.

Jesus Guillen says:

Police need better take down tactics. Choking someone out to subdue them shouldn't be your go to move. It shouldn't take 10 officers to subdue a person. If you want to good example of better take downs, look at collegiate wrestling. Wrestling teaches you about leverage, pressure, and body control.

SAthefuture says:

Literally step #1. Keep yourself physically fit, and ready.

SAthefuture says:

I can’t believe people listen to a guy that can’t even protect himself from a donut…..

Tom Butler says:

Sorry Guy’s. But their is a better way. Place the elbow at the voice box, not tight. Not trying to restrict airflow, then press the hand towards the shoulder. Kind of like a crab pinch. What happens is you restrict the blood flow to the brain. BUT a you have to be VERY CAREFUL…. Once they go OUT. You MUST let go and restore the blood flow. But they will stop. 🍻🤠

Louie Padilla says:

Gentle man!? Hahahahahaha

Seth Zimmerman says:

Fck illegal telling American police they dont tell him what to do. . ya sounds about right these days.

ben creager says:

They don't take verbal abuse?? Cops are public servants. And guess what?! Its AMERICA, freedom of speech

HondaGuy 401 says:

I wonder when his statue will be erected all over the country…

Datram Doh says:

Not so tough now.. rear naked choke inbound.. where’s his barrio gang to back him up?? Gtfo pos 😂

Jose Orozco says:

Yo your vids keep getting better and better. This wasn’t to gory like most the good stuff. Nice choke , lil bit of karma for the car. Carma.. lol
Nice lil bit at the end poking him too shows personality we don’t always get to see

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