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Kyle Rittenhouse's legal team claims he acted in self-defense | ABC 7 Chicago

Kyle Rittenhouse’s defense team released a statement Friday saying that what the 17-year-old did is a clear-cut case of self defense. Full story:


Daniel Perez says:

It's obvious this guy was looking to shoot someone just like the rioters use the protest as an excuse to get away with burglary this guy is using the protest as an excuse too to get away with killing people

Andy Burns says:

Watch Colion Noir’s video on the event.
It really was self defence.

Lord Baxter says:

He is a hero.
People who wear black masks are cowards.

Daniel Perez says:

It's not self defense if you're walking around the streets with an AK exposed. Self defense is when you have a concealed weapon and have no choice left but to shoot

Marcus Jones says:

That kid is a racist ! He went out looking to kill. No one appointed him The Vigilante. He drove across state lines to commit a violent act. When you take an AR-15 assault weapon out of the house you intend to use it. Period. He had no business there and had no business carrying that weapon. Had he been black he would be dead. Period.

Avolate FPV says:

Killing commies is Defending America !!

The Trance Cartel says:

The entire nation is uniting around Kyle. The fact that the elites and their Zionist media owners miss this is proof that you're on the wrong side of history.

cassidy109 says:

Apparently Kyle is Hispanic, so a patriotic Hispanic kid shoots 3 White Marxists attacking him and now he’s a white supremacist??

Adrian Clavijo says:

What da fuck. Every second of it from the beginning to the very end when she says "hey if you like that video…." Completely out of touched.

D Bird says:

"He did nothing wrong." Yeah, just two people are dead and one will be a cripple. That's America for you. Reading this from Europe you wonder A.) how the f*** 17yo obtained a semiautomatic rifle, B.) How was he able to parade with the weapon like that without getting immediately arrested.

william kane says:

I disappointed there wasn't more Americans out there fighting these communist and Marxist

william kane says:

The left will demand this kid goes to jail but will defend the BLM activist who shot Jessica Doty or the BLM activist who shot a 8 year old in the head because her mother tried to drive around there protest in the middle of the street

william kane says:

This may blow u mind but opposing communism and Marxism doesn't mean your a racist it just means u r American

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