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Knife to the Throat: Self Defense Disarm Technique

Here is a self defense tutorial, explaining how to disarm someone who has a knife to your throat. This is a threatening position, commonly used by criminals who attack via knife-point. PRACTICE OFTEN WITH A RUBBER KNIFE! More from Steven Chin► Subscribe to fightTIPS► FOLLOW: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram |


NOVA 23 says:

Shane can u do a review on kids Muay Thai gloves

ObjectiveTenOutOfTen says:

…On the upper side, if your main vain gets cut, you will loose consciousness immediately.
(and don't need to live in shame)

There is a little more to this situation that 2:21 can explain, but at the very least your knife hand wrist control is the base (and the gamble).
(how you got there, how calm is the other person (certainly don't try to excite him, like it looked)…etc. That in short makes this videos use at least questionable)

Ronaldson57 says:

great video can you post a video on leg exercise without weights to toned your legs? also cardio exercise to improve stamina

blue skills says:

Jerry Wetzel RedZone program is probably the best and realist knife defense i have ever taken. check him out on his gym page Centerline Gym

PoopiePants Mcgee says:

You had me at destroy the fingers.

Joe Cusick says:

Shane has great advice on most everything and is usually great at calling bullshit techniques. Don't get people who look up to you killed with with "pull the wrist slightly and a grown man will jump to the ground" move. Coming from an experienced wrestler and decent Jiu Jitsu guy, don't try this at home. Again, love the channel man. Sweet home gym I'm jealous haha

ProfiYntroz says:

how to Block chest attack?

FooledbyRandomness2 says:

Search "jim carrey knife defense "……lol

Fight Training says:

This is the defence you hope you never have to use

lowes gaming says:

What if the robber is resisting?

level1online says:

This is awesome! You got Michael Jai White to make a guest appearance in this video!

Nediler says:

Any tips for low level Muay Thai shadowboxing? I also box, but have only been doing both sports for a matter of weeks. Anything helps, thanks

Benny Beer says:

Shane, you gonna get someone thinking they're a fight tip expert and get them killed. 😂

Derek Smith says:

A knife defense? Really? I'm a little disappointed.

DevilMatt777 says:

lol…Knife defense is a myth.

Iam Rebbie says:

or you can kick him on the groin after moving the knife away from you. and run. i dunno about taking him down, what if he is bigger than you and you also went down on the ground? and it should be quick when you take the knife away from you

Hey Its Bdizzle says:

Good vid Shane cool seeing u at bellator


useful content shane keep i up

DarkJanet says:

If you're attacked by Trump supporters, fight in only self-defense. Just like I did.

enjoy _ (Inqed) says:

Does this work in CS:GO?

Ito Ito No Mi says:

What do i do if he has a lightsaber?

Infamous Games says:

Hey Shane your amazing and I'm going to maybe sign up at a local mma gym because of you and my brother who is an amateur fighter who started also because of you. I'm 15yrs old and also got a gym membership and I need a routine for each body part and don't know where to look also need a daily diet because I eat very unhealthy. If you could help me with this information that would be great! Keep up the great work and if it's easier to let me know on instagram instead here's mine Turner.18.

Bobby Sweeney says:

this is a super unsafe knife defense my friend. It relies on that initial control of the hand to be perfect, roll the assailants hand to a heavily closed position, and a downward strike of the upper forearm, while leaning toward the assailant. Please don't promote this as something that an untrained person can learn and execute, my friend. The slightest resistance or misplaced grab can place the victim in a situation where the knife is forced directly into their neck. The safe defense is to give up what is being asked. if you are a well trained hero and want to roll the dice, the only steps that should be taken is, 1. protect the neck by a deep shrug, and 2, completely control the knife hand with both hands. By the grace of God, if you don't end up injured, you back up with the knife thrown or kicked, and flee.
Ask any military brother or sister that has been attacked with a knife. This is a dangerous crap shoot with odds stacked heavily against you.

Stuart Romero says:

Thanks for doing a knife defense video.

Run Free Parkour Flip says:

41 thousand more subs

Run Free Parkour Flip says:

41 thousand more subs

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