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Keychain Self-Defense

You may purchase this self-defense compression device on our website; #shorts INSTAGRAM ➤ OFFICIAL MERCH ➤


nordkaia x lowandslowtravel says:

My mom has the same weapon in her nightstand, probably to feel safe when she sleeps

Pigeonシඞ says:

Poor baldy got bullied

Flxral-cloud☁️ says:

Hey what your job? Oh just getting her 24 seven

Yung PRME says:

Balance is restored

Ensar Ozturk says:

" very painfull "

G L U G says:

God loves you guys!

Bigfoot Jr. says:

"Show that one again" I feel for this poor dude playing the enemy

Mr Dead pool says:

Thank you very much sir 👏💐

Mark Daniel says:

Dont be so rough with him…lmaoooo😭😭😂😂😂😂😂

Joel Guevara says:

Bro I feel bad for the guy he going through all that stuff just for this video

Candice says:

I need one !

Brother ChrisGR says:

The bald man is so scared with this guy😂😂😂😂😂😂

Finesseddd says:

The stunt guy just getting tossed around like a doll🤣🤣

Chris D says:

Is the demonstrator okay? He seems like he’s in a lot of pain

Fuego 🔥 says:

How many times did the demonstrated have to go through this? 😂

Alwyn Barboza says:

The pain he is feeling

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