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Karate Kyle – self defense in close quarters


Conan LeBarbare says:

suscribed!! hilarious content my dude!!

Jim Bob says:

I wouldn't mind getting raped by her.

danielvutran says:


videos4mydad says:

This is so freaking funny because the comedic timing is right on!!! Wow…sending this to everybody.

Top 10 Wizard says:

I tried this and it works thank you.

Gunnar Hamundarson says:

Dude, this was hilarious.

David Kreps says:

It was great seeing you on One Mississippi. It made me go back and listen to a bunch of Professor Blastoffs. You're so funny, I hope you're doing other podcasts so the world can see that!

91CEG says:

"Okay. I'm gonna have to fight this girl."

Large Owl says:

Yea Baby!!!

Stephen Catt says:

lmfao that was genius

Branflakes 4547 says:

This is so much better than that face swap shenanigans. Keep up the good work Mr. Dunnigan

Elliot Harrington says:

Bring back Craig !

CD Moto says:

This is my FAVORITE subscribed channel! I love my boy Craig but this is some A+ content too. Thanks Kyle!

Skins8thecake says:

Lol keep up the great work!

Roberto R says:

Hilarious. cracking up w/ in the first 7 seconds!

88mitchman says:


Daniel Magill says:

A cross between Bruce Lee and Elma Fudd – mostly Elma Fudd.

Stephen says:

That's like some hardcore Segal shyt right there

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