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Jorge Masvidal Street Self Defense: Defending The Nut Shot

Jorge Masvidal demonstrates on Charlie Decca the proper defensive technique to use when attacked with a groin shot. #JorgeMasvidal #UFC #Gamebred


Harlequinn says:

I’ve watched so many of Jorge’s videos Im doing the intro along with him now😂😂😂

Blacksmith Gaming says:

i am subscribed thooo

Jerry E says:

Anyone what tracksuit jorge wearing? Looks 🔥

Jack Lemvard says:

we have to ask Darren Till how to recover best way fastest nut shot in history of ufc aswell

javier iglesias says:

El tio tiene los cojones de piedra hermano! 😂😂

Sir Roc 312 says:

Wow. Your a great fighter for that. Get the fuck in the gym an try not to lose your next fight. Super necessary to win a title fight. An u blew it sirrr.

N IX says:

Idk how nutshotting a homie is cool, real miami goons dont play that shit

29 choosenbytheppl! says:

HAHA BRO why did he do it the second time what a CHAMP

J Welty20 says:


Thegamebred Ramon says:

Man how could anyone not wish masvidal to become champ one day is beyond meeeeeeee

nickaoude says:

jorge really flying kneed his asshole😂

Alfa Romeo says:

Jorge te saludo desde Uruguay si algún día venís por acá tenés un grupo de fans para recibirlo y hay un party después del party que se llama el after party…….

My two bæs says:

Thanks for not sniping me bro #supernecessary

Charles Wah says:

You know my man Charlie lost some kind of bet 😂

Ahmed Hajjaj says:

So my man let a 170 pound top 5 ufc fighter kick his nuts twice?!

Imad Samodien says:

I've been doing the nut shot since i was 7 years old

Avin Albadian says:

Nutshot?not bad😂🤣

Bradley Murphy says:

Straight up nutkicks from street Jesus something ain’t right if you ain’t on the couch like that after hahahha

Hello Benjamin says:

Right title:
Jorge Masvidal street self attack
How to crack the others nuts

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