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JAPAN vs N. KOREA Military Power Comparison | Japan Self-Defense Force vs North Korean People’s Army

Watching this video for Japan vs North Korea military power comparison with Japanese army, Japanese navy, Japanese air force, Japanese special force, North Korean People’s army, North Korean navy, North Korean airforce, North Korean missile for North Korea VS Japan military power comparison. Enjoy Japan VS North Korean army power 2017, Japan vs N. Korea land system, North Korea VS Japan air power and Japan vs North Korean naval power for Japan vs North korean military power comparison from military defense update. As you military lover I think you should know about N. Korea VS Japan military power comparison 2017. I am sure you love and learn for Japan vs North Korean military, Japanese VS North Korean army, Japan vs North Korean navy and Japan vs North Korean air force from this video. We are provide you that Japan Self-Defense Force, North Korean People’s Army, Army (Armed Forces), Japanese Armed Forces (Military), North Korean Military Capabilities 2017 and Japanese Military Strength. More Videos: Israeli Military Power 2017: How Powerful is Turkey?: French Military Power 2017: UK vs Turkey Military Power Comparision: United Kingdom Military Power 2017: Turkey vs Israel Military Power Comparison: Flow US: Blogger: Google+: Thank you watching this video and don’t forget to subscribe this channel.


Nate Williams says:

is no one gonna say anything about how most of NKs ground vehicles are fucking tractors?

Siddhant Kumar says:

Love the japs from India.Fuck north korea.

Kenshin Gaming Official says:

but if japan Strat work or best Japan would win

United Nations FUCK YEAH! says:

JAPS wins.because Japan Navy self-defends force is the Best in the World.

Napkinballz says:

plane wings sharp like katana, TASTE GLORIOUS NIPPON STEEL

Marc Osborne says:

i blame rito tbh

Napkinballz says:

where the katanas at

R1_Rebe1 says:

Japan's Air Force will always be superior.

Cassidy Keen says:

my Sony tv still works. thanks Japan!

Kofi Amoa says:

it really isnt fair comparison in number wise everyone in japan hates and is sorry for what they did in the second ww but we still have this rediculous restricion on them and america cant allways help them they have got to have a real army even the japanese population says no to that and their sorry but the tru story is that the generals of the emporer where decivinv him into thinking he was winning the war until the last second where he relised wht was going on and killed his generals and took a look out side to realise the distress that hix country was in

Joseph Johnston says:

the difference is that Japan's people will fight for there leader to end if need be and I truly believe north Korea people would just lay arms down if they think they could be free. nobody deserves to b treated like Kim treats his own. north Korea needs a honest leader who cares for his people

ᄃ최윤석 says:

Even a small Japanese dick can destroy 200 North Korean troops. Pff retarded Kim Jong Un.

Kathleen Craig says:

no comparison Japan has better equipment, far more futuristic ..Korea has leftovers from soviet from 80's 90's while Japan aircrafts, anything they make is like the difference between Mitsuibishi vs korean paper products. No comparison. Military wise Japan has better artilliary, guns, missiles, navy vs scrap from 80's leftovers is what NK has.

Marcus Toh says:

I wonder if the North Korean reserves are even properly trained and well equipped to even fight a war…

Bill Gates M8s says:

Top 10 Anime Battles

Satrio Rama says:

You guys forgot who's the supreme leader of Japan. The emperor himself. In case other country attack japan, one word of Emperor will spur almost every japanese pasifism spirits into patriotic spirits. In time of crysis, emperor word are absolute and most revered

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