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Japan Ground Self-Defense Force Conducts Amphibious Beach Assault, Takes Over Hostile Shore

Members of the Japan Ground Self-Defense Force practice landing on and taking over a hostile shore during Exercise Dawn Blitz 2017. The exercise provides a training environment where forces plan and execute an amphibious assault and combined-arms event in a land and maritime threat environment to improve naval amphibious core competencies. Factual, impartial and current. AiirSource brings you the latest insights from the United States Armed Forces. Visit our channel for in-depth and extended coverage on military events and missions: Subscribe and turn on the notification bell to stay updated: Facebook: Google+: Twitter: Credits: DoD | AiirSource Military Channel


Yung Dexter says:

We need to lift their ban of being only able to attack when attacked. They been trying to defeat ISIS with us.

La Bella colon Honduras says:

Hola Hola si eres amable me daras un like y te suscribiras a mi canal

Eomer2202 says:

the guy with the rocket launcher had no primary weapon?

Give ya meat a good ol rub says:

Protecting the worlds anime source

Fhet Doro says:

The return of Japanese military power in Asian regions.

BeanieSteve says:

they are the anime defense force

tny0061 says:


mouthbalz says:

Where is the flame thrower?

Paul Phelan says:

They have a long way to go! I'm sorry, but aren't we teaching them anything. These guys are nothing but cannon fodder without effective air cover. Sorry didn't see any of that. Maybe it's assumed. 😢

Burt Gummer says:

Good luck to you guys!

Michael Xia says:

Looks like they haven't been to wars since last war they fought.

millenium2003 says:

They look lazy

Владимир Шархун says:

Морской пехоте японии успехов в труднной служ бе ,Привет вам от ветерана ВДВ СССР не воюете с росиией а дружите с ней.!!!?

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