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RUNT The (Black) Stun Gun Home Self Defense Weapon with led flaslight

SAFETY ISN’T EXPENSIVE, IT’S PRICELESS! Pepper Spray Etc. Store’s main product line is College Safety Bundles. These can be used for a single student or for students to save and share. Either way, they are a great value! They are carefully thought out and each one offers more than one form of personal protection. We research each product to make sure they are high quality. Then we put together bundles that make good safety sense to college students. We will not sell anything we wouldn’t personally feel safe using. This process takes time, effort and careful thought. Last, but not least, we try our hardest to keep the price point affordable for our customers. Thanks for checking out our products!

Product Features

  • Designed to fit snugly in the palm of your hand
  • 4.5 milliamps depending on the charge of the batteries, 20,000,000 volts, Rechargeable
  • : Nylon Belt Loop Holster included, Rubberized Coating, Disable Pin Wrist Strap, Built-in LED Flashlight
  • No Shipments to the Following States: Wisconsin, Hawaii, llinois,Massachusetts,Michigan,New Jersey, New York,Rhode Island
  • Cities With Restrictions: Annapolis, MD; Crawford County, IA; District Of Columbia; Philadelphia, PA


Anonymous says:

This is pure fire!

Anonymous says:

I am 70 years old and keep a Runt Stun …

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