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Jamaican Assassination Is Hard To Watch But Teaches Us To Pay Attention

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K1NGred says:

Why not put a fight 😒

Jo rtiz says:

On 3:53 if the victim would've made a right turn instead of going around the vehicle, I think he could've had a better chance of dodging the attacker. Merry Christmas All! Stay safe!

Lt JimDangle says:

Great example of why we should not have duty to retreat

Workaholic350z Hill says:

I don’t get why he was shot

worldtraveler says:

I thought this was Shitcago!

D BX says:

4:424:44. "Today of all days" Yes John, today is Christmas! You regularly reference making things right with Jesus, why not also mention the word Christmas? Especially on 12-25-20?

Mons84 says:

Spiritual fitness 100% ! I don’t leave my house without telling my kids and wife I love them! Very very important people! Do this please !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 👍 if something ever tragic happens to yourself , they will be forever thankful that you did this. So do it

BFG 10,000 says:

A reminder of man's inhumanity to man on this Christmas day.

gamerdude535 says:

Never had any formal martial arts training. But I do have a little understanding of some basics.

I had wanted my uncle who’s a third degree black belt in karate to be my Sensei to teach me. But Idk if that’ll ever end up happening.

And I flipped through some book at Barnes and noble once that teaches how to try and survive a variety of situations, with some pictures detailing things.

I read a section teaching some kind of disarming technique to use against an attacker with a pistol in there.

Might work against long guns too idk.

I believe part of it involved trying to move and pull down the gun in a way that would probably break your attacker’s trigger finger.

I don’t remember every process of the technique but the principal behind a disarm technique that breaks your attacker’s trigger finger during the process sounds pretty effective.

hirampr21 says:

Can anyone figure out what martial art did John trained? can't find it on google

Patriot Outloud says:

The best Monday morning quarterback on youtube

Brown Bear says:

Praise The Good Lord, Repent, Fast, Pray & "Put On The Whole Armor Of God!", Amen! Ephesians 6:11 (KJV).

I Want Lee says:

I bet he used a Hi-point.

Max says:

Disarm? Judo? Be prepared all the time? Sooner or later you drop your guard going to happen. If I had a rough day at work and I was pumping gas after and heading home I'll probably meet the same fate. Who's to say

David Hardy says:

1:50 I don't need anymore my boring job with the help of, e z g o o d p a y

Mike says:

Merry Christmas John.- from Philippines

joshua thompson says:

Hear a click, go hands on! Just my thought.

Mc Hammer says:

Bad outcomes give good experience (not for our fellow here though)

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