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Is This The Best Road Trip Self Defense Setup?

Road Trip Gun Because of the pandemic a lot of my recent travels have been road trips. I often find myself in parts of the country that I am not familiar with. Because of this I have a self defense setup designed specifically for road trips. Talon Sai was in town on his journey across America in his awesome van so I figured we’d talk about our road trip setups and why have them setup the way that we do. To Help Further our Pro Constitution, Pro 2A, Pro-Freedom message: USE THE CODE (NOIR) AND GET 25% OFF ANYTHING AT VERTX.COM Keep America Tactical ➡️ I Am the Militia ➡️ I Lost All My Guns In A Boating Accident ➡️ The AR is Protected by the 2nd Amendment ➡️ If I Only Had One Concealed Carry ➡️ To Order Your PRO 2A Hats Click Here: ➡️ To Order PRO 2A Shirts/Apparel Click Here: ➡️ To Order Your PRO 2A Tumblers Click Here: ➡️ Don’t Forget to Add and Follow me on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for updates on ALL things Pew Pew FOLLOW ME IN THESE PLACES FOR UPDATES Twitter – Instagram – Facebook – #GunsAreEssential


tommy guns says:

whats SUNDAY GUN DAY???? there used to be that channel. Good vid Colion.

Gary Cordon says:

I run a sub 2k with a 50 rd drum.

Incantations says:

The lifepod can be opened with a fork 🙁

Andrew Fossatti says:

If I lived in a free state I would copy most of this load out… maybe run a CMMG banshee mk10 and a Glock G45 instead but the rest of the gear looks solid…

AKU- JIKI says:

Both setups are great for travel. I would add a pair of Binox 4x binoculars….and a 🔪….But other than that GREAT JOB

Jack Rotten says:

What I do is just not bathe for a few weeks and build an aura of protection around myself.

mac7114 says:

Love When yall shoot ready to go to the range

Lifting After Dark says:

I usually travel with my Sig P250 357Sig w/4 13rd mags and Kahr CM9 w/2 mags. But I’m really leaning towards building a AR pistol in 300blkout to add to the gear. Also going to be looking for that vertex bag!

Jorge M. Canavati says:

Has anyone started calling him “Don Colion”? Ha.

AcidicJO says:

I’m beginning to regret carrying a micro scorpion instead of a rattler. 😐

archangel20031 says:

@13:15, I thought it was illegal to shoulder an AR pistol, because then it becomes a short-barreled rifle.

John Hicks says:

Living in Massachusetts is bad enough, but traveling to anywhere around here except New Hampshire and Maine would be a complete fucking nightmare. You guys who avoid our New England winters and bullshit Constitution hating libtards get a lot of envy from me!

Peter Goldman says:

This is all great if you understand peaceable journey laws. You need to be mindful of the state laws as you traverse through different states.

Brian Hochstein says:

I have a lifepod safe – the biggest problem that I have with it is the closing clasps. If I were to need instant access to the content of the safe those clasps are a *major* slow down.

Iván Sánchez says:

My Glock Fan Boy travel backpack setup:

1. Medical Trauma Kit
2. Glock G45 (3 Mags)
3. Draco AK Pistol (3 Mags)
4. Leatherman Multi-Tool
5. Glock Knife
6. Mini Adjustable Wrench
7. Mechanic Gloves
8. 4 Glock G26 Spare Mags

I use a Glock Backpack because it comes with a built in holster.

I'm not really a Glock Fanboy exclusively, I also have Colt, Smith & Wesson, Mossberg and Sig but that's my setup for travel for now because of the versatility.

ryan rayfuss says:

shield arms s15 gang gang

Andrew Fossatti says:

Oh dayum another pew tube collaboration! “Anotha one” 👍

Taywi says:

While I love the look and everything about the life pod and was about to buy the Noir version… I just saw a dude break into one in about 15 seconds with a fork pushing the passcode reset on it

RCD566 says:

Could you do a video on a universal (as possible), state compliance set up for travelers?

Bryan McDermott says:

That's super informative. Much appreciated!

Richard Wrubel says:

every setup is a good setup as long as you have something set up

ncsteeltoe says:

How do you handle NFA paperwork crossing multiple state lines? Always seemed like it would be a headache.

Jay Sea says:


beau w says:

I would travel armed, but I lost all my guns in a boating accident…but thanks for asking.

Jeremy Bermender says:

I have the vertx gamut 1st version. The laptop sleeve isn’t full length and scrapes against my AR. Any recommends on sleeve or something to protect the laptop in the bag?

Triple H Airsoft says:

Why does Colion have a backwards handstop on his rifle?

nick borkowski says:

Road trip….lemme grab 2 ARs, 5 pistols, 4700 rds of ammo, 7 grenades, a 30-06, and my toothbrush

Da Innanet says:

For the travel I run a 9" BCM 300blackout with a Trijicon MRO, Surefire Mini Scout Light Pro and some Supers (suppressors are illegal in IL no Subs for me). Glad to see you guys run the same hard hitting caliber.

laxdrew9 says:

Theres no competition between either set up, both are completely functional, can't go wrong. But I do love the blackout camo, pretty much any pattern.

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