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Is 9mm Adequate for Self-Defense? ( 9mm vs. 10mm vs. Ninjas )

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Ken Hawk says:

The best gun and ammo to use is the one you feel most comfortable with. Even if its a 22 just keep shooting till the fucker goes down.

o1mtbiker says:

Wait isn’t the guns he gives away with his pistol project all 9mm?

Sporting Systems says:

May have to start a sparring contest, with ninjas and youtube personalities. Yankee forgot, i have another 21 round magazine for the 22nd ninja and the transgender Tinder date gone wrong.

Minnesota cowboy up says:

Lmmfao.. I'm more worried about zombies than ninjas

Brian Bridges says:

Ninjas dont exist ..besides the Japanese are our friends

Brian Bridges says:

And its 10mm for the Zombie aftermath..Everybody knows that

cover your own a says:

Like me and get attacked by a lot of ninjas on a regular basis than you carry a Glock 20

Agorizer says:

Fuzzy math.

Evan Friend says:

As someone who does not live in feudal Japan and thus is not facing a credible ninja threat, I find 9mm perfectly adequate.

I like 10mm as well, but when I carry a gun, it's usually a Glock 19.

Rich Smith says:

This video made my morning, especially the South Park like character he met on Craigslist, that was funny as hell!

Brian Bridges says:

Really people..even Paul Harrell mostly said, its shot placement regardless of caliber
Unless your concerned about shooting through cover ,Then caliber, barrel length, and yardage becomes a factor ..

Echs BeeThree says:

You are a funny guy. I cant wait to read the replies.

bdr32965 says:

OK Yankee, I don't care who you are but that was funny. LOL OMG that was definitely a damn good laugh. Especially since I am a big fan of the beast known as 10mm.

Josh says:

You got a small penis, stop compensating and accept the fact that you suffer from MICROPENIS.

Nobody you know says:

Is 10mm adequate for rabid bear zombies? Asking for a friend.

TolKyera says:

Wow if 10mm can do that, I’ll stick to 6 rounds of .44 magnum. Yea me!!!

Mark Gardner says:

Well, that settles the issue. 😉

He, he… ‘CraigsList love connection’

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