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Instant Karma Fails – Bully Fails – Self Defense – Instant Justice 2017

Instant Karma Fails – Bully Fails – Self Defense – Instant Justice 2017


James Goldman says:

3:45 I just feel bad for the kid sitting there

Amber Osburn says:

Males should stay in the kitchen. Bunch of FUCKING retarded idiots

Damzel'N'Distress says:

Hey can someone explain what happened in the last clip?

Jay Luis Marcelino says:

Guy at the back happy af ๐Ÿ˜‚ 7:00

Mary Burdette says:

As a fellow American, I was so proud of that Russian for bitch slapping that fat American whiner. Maybe that'll teach him to keep his hands to himself ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

Lee Fam says:


Rahma Ari Priono says:

i love the "cheese burger" part, watch till the end of the video

Chop Up says:

LMAO at the American being slapped.

ll Kasper ll says:

The American getting slapped around came close, but 0:57 is the best clip.
There are a lot of idiot bouncers in the world, but that guy's not one of them. Faced with a potentially lethal threat, he stops the SECOND that his attacker can't continue.
Flawlessly professional conduct. Love it!

Rene Bruns says:

I love how in germany the police is most of the time super relaxed and in America it's 'get the f*** down', because just getting down isn't enough

TechTalks says:

It's just…

Raphael Loh says:

8:10 – Really? That asshole was short and fat with no neck… and you chose to go for the legs, and a headlock?

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