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instant karma – bully fail – self defense – instant justice – Episode 22

instant karma – bully fail – self defense – instant justice – Episode 22


Evie Doowup says:

4 greasey eyed wanna bes, …… fuck off. …

warhawk says:

guys whats the intro song

Kartums Pokes says:

3:46.. did that pig use the force!? holy shit lmfao

Alex says:

This is bullshit.

Mr Nobody says:

the banana peel/ball punch @4:10 had me laughing like hell.. thanks.

Thevoiceof Weedin says:

3:43 Huh theres these things that are called guns, try one next time.

Jmichael Isbell says:

And what do we learn class? Horses are bigger and stronger than us–don't mess with them, especially when you have no idea how to deal with them.

TakeTHE POWERback says:

I'm an Alabama what???


3:50 I don't understand how he did that…

Jgizzy -redacted- says:

What is happening at 6:45? I see nothing going on really.

Hank West says:

4:45 – "Alabama Nigger" Eh?…How Droll….

jostin- lamash says:

jajajaj minuto 5:27

Nolan Mulder says:

4:54 Did she seriously try to square up with a horse.

Patrick Salmon says:

6:40. sucks shit to the fucking hoe. To many tit wearing cunt having bitches think they can hat a brother and get away with it.
And to many fucking faggots wanna step in. ohhh he hit her. it's on.
have no idea what happened.
any bitch hit me I would bury the bitch.

dominique venezia says:

Alabama n? WTF is wrong with this asshole who think is funny to use the n word

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