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Innocent Couple Lose Their Lives In Robbery

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NickTion says:

People dont respawn in real life dickhead!

Ronin1965 says:

WTF … You pull up at a gas station PEOPLE WITH GUNS   …. BUDDY HIT THE GAS AND GET OUT OF DODGE!!!

shaolin224 says:

Never going to go to Brazil. If the kids don't rob you the authorities will shoot you

vegeta420z says:

Fuck those guards they should be held to a high standard and face full penalties.

Being a security guard against a bad situation doesn't give you a license to shoot any and everybody around you.

Shitty situation but when you are carrying you need to take responsibility for every round that leaves your gun, fuck those bums, I hope they end up in prison.

SmileWide C-Ops says:

This is too sad

Buick Regal says:

When you see something wrong is happening DRIVE OFF!!!!!!

TheOldman524 says:

This is so rare Tbh wtf how u gonna shoot 2 of them omg, all the videos I’ve seen never seen this shit befor. 😢

vondeliusc says:

I am glad you touched on spiritual preparedness. Life is short and you never know when you are done. We came across a wreck and the driver 27 yo died and I wonder if she was prepared. We did what we could.

Titan Prime says:

Why I feel like the defender is more danger then the Robbery as Robbery just take goods and the defender take life.

Hɪɢʜᴡᴀʏ Tᴇʀʀᴏʀɪsᴛ says:

Remember Under Siege 2?


Words to live by.

eily says:

this was depressing.

Hurricane 3 says:

The dumbass guard' gun negligently went off & shot the girl when he was trying to stand up? Wtf?

Peter Bunnell says:

The non-involved carload of people shouldn't have used that pump. They "bunched-up" into a crowd when they could have simply "spread-out." Also their lack of awareness meant they stayed when they should have driven off.

Kien Lui says:

Just let the bike go

Kris Nicholson says:

If the bullets match his gun then 3 counts of murder is only suitable.

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