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I’ll Face Myself – Self Defense (Extended) – Persona 4

Many years ago, we were graced with the presence of a dragon from the moon. He gave us kickass extended video game music, until he was sent to another dimens…


WhipLash42o says:

Also speaking of Persona you might like this.

Dangansona Reincarnated – Hope to Make History (Danganronpa vs Persona 4)

Bulba Saur says:

If this was used as the final boss theme…

BrokenMoonStudios says:

lunardragon2607! May you find peace on the fields of Valhalla!

fritz philogene says:

they all look like the Visored from Bleach!

SlyFox239 says:


Rauthaz says:

This is beautiful. Such a rich arrangement.

shadowholguin says:

Hey can I put this on my playlist of songs I like to listen to? I ask
because some of the songs I put on is often removed for some reason

hellfax4387 says:

wtf i heard this before

WhipLash42o says:

You know Persona 3 had characters blow their brains out via pretend guns,
and Persona 4 used cards and dramatic light reflection cuz glasses. I
wonder how Persona 5 will do Persona evocation, after looking at this
fanart I think masks would be a fucking sweet idea. Dunno how that would
play in for the MC since he/she would need like 100 different masks. Unless
they omit the Wild Card, dunno how i’d feel about that ._. Still a cool
concept I think. Also this track is rad as shit lol.

william jones says:

this sounds like something out of those tactical war games

Tao, super hyper deluxe chie fan says:

and all was right in the world cuz Persona 4 dancing all night might have

catsndogs98 says:


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