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Ice Cream Shop Employee Makes Bad Guys Run

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Richard Ramirez says:

Hold my cone

Marshall Grabill says:

You have to be the best and most consistent YouTuber I know. Love the videos!

Mostaccioli Universe says:

He was just chillin in the ice cream shop, and then Cold Cocked those robbers

veerchasm1 says:

Don’t bring a gun to an ice cream party 🎉

Silvestre Leandro says:

If this were here in Brazil, that employee would be dead for sure.

Ganka Shine says:

To a wise man, it seems arranged by the employee to get promotion??? Be Carefull such things happen.

ConanTheRepublican says:

"The left hand of fellowship" Oh, HELL YES!! 😂

Emmanuel Akinyemi says:

"Left hand of fellowship" lol, that's a man who reads his Bible.

blueman4444444 says:

New flavour "Bear Knuckle Bruiser" flavour so strong you can feel it hit you in your face hard.

ItchyPilauBoto808 says:

Lol suckin John, always pulling jokes out your ass..

flclub54 says:

John you're looking soo healthy. Keep it up!

ASMR - Hopeless Romantic Christopher&??? says:

Your not taking my unicorn ice cream and sprinkles 🤬🤬🤬

donkey ass reviews and do's says:

That lady should of ran to the office rang the police instead of watching and waiting to be shot in the head

Eddie Mack says:

Are you sure this video wasn't from Brazil…

Cm F says:

That dude is so getting laid later that night

Dave Pawson says:

If I got free leftovers of ice cream at the end of the day I'd fight to the death too. Sprinkles extra.

Don Dio says:

someone's getting a scoop that night 😉

57JackCaptain says:

He should have locked the door after he slammed it! Good getting my back, co-worker! Lucky

Stay Grinding says:

You took too long explaining this video in had to click off lol

Tony Biehl says:

Ice cream worker said NOPE!!

john sullivan says:

he was going for the magnum

Galaxia X says:

Two scoops!!! 🤧

Chris Blore says:

Dishing out word scoops…

Alejandro Romero Osnaya says:

I read that in the 215 days of 2019 there have been 250 shootouts in America. That's more than one shootout a day.
Maybe a psycological test should be passed before giving out a permit for guns.

MindDrift says:

That employee is pretty… cool

Ba dum tsk

Kingston Eldridge says:

Someone below posted about struggling to get their knife out of their pocket in a defensive encounter. I’m curious as to what people who plan to defend themselves with a knife intend to do with the knife? I’ve never seen anyone on this channel or even heard of anyone defending themselves with a knife. From knives yeah, but never with one. I’ve thought about this a bit, about whether you should try to use a knife (maybe one you’ve disarmed from an attacker). I can’t imagine plunging a knife repeatedly (and you have to do it repeatedly from what I’ve seen on this channel) into someone who only had fists. And if they had a gun or a knife, I’d be concentrating on a disarm, (even if they only had a knife, because otherwise it would be a “I stab you, you stab me” situation). I can’t quite see the way a real “defense WITH a knife” would work. Maybe you could use it as an intimidation tool? Maybe slash a tendon and run away? Or slash a throat and run. Or stab their eyes to blind them and then run. How do you knife users envisage it going down? (Or maybe in the heat of battle it’s surprisingly easy to stab someone repeatedly)

Mr. Tangent says:

CRT monitor/tv in 2019?!?

Manuelon Gar says:

I noticed he shut the door but did not bother to lock it from inside!!–

Elantra Dude XD says:

The gun was so small that he didn't even notice it until after he finished serving us a scoop of whoop ass.

David Greve says:

That's when you could use a pair of brass knuckles, or a knife designed to open small to make those swings count!!

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