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Hungarian Dudes Fight For An Audience

Please thank MantisX for bringing us today’s video of Hungarian Dudes Fight For An Audience! Check them out at or their FB page at I seriously DO use the system in my own dry fire training and with students on the range and you can get one at Want to see me use it? ASP Online Seminars: 2020 ASP National Conference: Cover Your ASP Tour: Need a Quality Holster? Here are a few that we recommend: Full Kydex Dark Star Gear – Henry Holsters – KSG Armory –  Three Quarter Kydex Black Arch Protos M –  For more information – ASP merch is now in stock in the store…go get a newly designed limited edition ASP polo! If you value what we do at ASP, would you consider becoming an ASP Patron Member to support the work it takes to make the narrated videos like Hungarian Dudes Fight For An Audience? or gives the details and benefits. News stories: Attitude. Skills. Plan. ASP Sponsors and Recommended Products: (music in the outro courtesy of Bensound at Copyright Disclaimer. Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for “fair use” for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.


Inhuman Filth says:

A donny brook needs more than 2 people.

Jeff Chapa says:

More cautious, I don't linger. Lock your doors

1997TL1000 says:

John I must say that your channel, has helped me raise my awareness to another level.

Because you I fully understand that people are stupid.

Some stupid people want to fight
Some stupid people want to rob you
Some stupid people want to hurt you
Some stupid people want to kill you and your loved ones because they are having a bad day or bad life.

Therefore it is off critical importance not to walk around with your head in the sand thinking that everyone else is a safe sane and moral person, that we wish them to be.

That alone helps me to remind myself that I do not have to attend every argument or fight I’m invited to, be it road rage or otherwise.

The crap can hit the fan at any time, therefore you should have a plan of action, to protect yourself and others should the need arise.

It’s too late to locate the exists when the gun fight breaks out.

So thank you for all you do.

surfart guitar says:

when I have been drawn into a fight against my will I have had to fight as though I could be murdered.

Cadillac Man says:

just got home from Vegas, was walking down the Blvd at about 130 in the afternoon and I could feel a creeper watching me and as soon as I passed he started following me. I was on the phone with my wife and told her to hold on but still listen. I put my phone in my front pocket, transferred my wallet to my other front pocket and kept an eye on my 6, he followed me for half a block till I ducked into the m&m store and I turned around and looked at him. he just turned around and went right back to where he was standing against the wall. thank you John for teaching me about awareness. I really appreciate the videos every morning. first thing I watch everyday

Exile McMullen says:

Is this the new time you'll be uploading? I'd rather have it in the mornings to watch before work!

Ted Montana says:

Evade has always been my plan of action, but if forced into it, my action switches to Shock n Awe.

Hu Ala says:

John is a boxing commentator now

Brian T says:

fighting hurts the hands and face it is usually not worth starting it… but good to know how to end it

Xero Punt says:

Avoid spending time & spaces with frenemies. People betray brotherhood in bits & pieces till the resentments boil over. Cut loose your jack ass friends/family.

Clif Armstrong Edits says:

Less likely to get in a fight. It's never worth it. Stopped to let a guy cross in front of my car the other day. He waved, I went, he walked in front of my car, but I reacted quickly enough and stopped. I didn't hit him.. I thought he waved me on. It was an honest mis-communication. But he got angry, started yelling in front of my hood because it looked like I was messing with him. Because of you channel, I'm just more aware of the tell signs and getting out of there instead of trying to explain what really happened and apologize. You can't convince an angry person that it's a mistake. If he had reached for a weapon, I would have ran over him. Luckily he didn't. As soon as he walked around to my driver side still yelling, I floored it and just got out of there. If you don't have to fight, don't.

Kevin says:

I thought they were just drunk buddies throwing fisticuffs for fun until the one guy stopped moving and the other guy kept attacking.

Pauly G says:

if both wanted the fight, only rule, not kill the other, all else ok

Soft Brisket says:

i wonder what would happen if @active self protection got into a situation how he would break down his own self defense clip

cola says:

Absolutely. These videos definitely deter me from impulsive reaction to verbal de-escalation. To bystanders, these two look like a pair of idiots very likely fighting over a petty issue. Nobody is thinking, “Wow, white shirt is a tough guy, I respect that.” Instead, he’s a savage thug and beating an unconscious guy on the ground is as small man as it gets.

VendettaRecords100 says:

Nothing wrong with a good ol fashion scrapping but it went south when he kicked a man while he was down .And these lessons definitely help.

E V says:

Watching these videos have had me paying a lot more attention to my surroundings and avoiding ego battles. I recommend highly lol

Levi Houston says:

So nothing happened in Brazil today

John Golombek says:

John years ago while working as a respiratory therapist had a PT that was really messed up. He died from a punch that rung his bell in a fight he hit his head on the curb but the other guy kicked him n the face a few times after he was down .


The first rule of Fight Club, is you don't show it on YouTube.

Level 1-3 says:

"donnybrook" is an underused word that needs to make a comeback. Thanks for using it

David Hack says:

Well, here's another quote that I like from Kevin Michalowski: "The fight you win is the one you're not in!"

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