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HST vs. Critical Defense Test! PLUS 5 by 5 Drill | Active Self Protection Extra

We tested HST earlier…now let’s compare its results to Hornady Critical Defense and see how they perform side by side. Also, I run Gila Hayes’ 5×5 drill and am not super happy with my performance. (but hey, them’s the breaks right?) ASP merch is now in stock in the store…go get a newly designed limited edition hat! Don’t forget to subscribe to the main channel for daily narrated lessons of real defensive encounters: Our Facebook page has TONS of good info for self-defenders: If you value what we do at ASP, would you consider becoming an ASP Patron Member to support the work it takes to make the ASP Extra videos like this comparison of HST vs. Critical Defense and a 5×5 drill? or gives the details and benefits. Find a good instructor in your area and get some training: Attitude. Skills. Plan. (music in the outro courtesy of Bensound at


Good Times says:

Thank you for your videos !
What sight do you have equipped ?

Elmer Fudd says:

“Free America still” that’s scary that you have to put still at the end.

Ben Healey says:

Your previous video convinced me that my next round of defense ammo will be HSTs. I've been on the critical defense koolaid for the last couple years. Not that they are bad, but it's not like they perform twice as well to HSTs for double the price.

FarWalker says:

Have you tried the new federal hydra shok deep? Just curious how it will perform compared to the HST. Thanks for sharing.

J Shepard says:

Love that range.

Jason Elliott says:

Wish I coulda been there with ya, John. Looks like a beautiful day at the range. Never had the privilege of shooting at Ben Avery, but I’ve been there a couple times to watch CAS and the BPCR Silhouette. Fixing to jump on Lucky Gunner and check out their target selection. . . . Thank you for the quality content you bring us.

Frank Hellman says:

Pink is the approximate color of Klingon blood – at least once. So it's OK. (Flame War! in 3….2….1….)

Chris Hendricks says:

Thanks for keeping it real!

Justin Bloom says:

John, great video as always. What kind of IWB EDC holster do you use?

Johnny Boy says:

Free America still! It's not really free

4everMetallover says:

Yo John, I just bought my first hangun (FNS9). Obviously I want to start training with it, but do you have any good pre-training tips. I was thinking about doing a bunch of dry fire training before ever going on the range, but not sure if that is the best route to take.

Rodger M says:

I have looked at many many tests like you did here, and they all favor the Federal HST. It is a reliable expansion every time. I do not want a "new and improved" version of anything, give me reliable and steady every time. This is the reason that I carry the HST 9mm.

J Ram says:

I love these drills John, I watch the drill on Friday I'm out practicing the drill on Saturday/Sunday.   What's your distance (looks like about 7yds, maybe 10?)

Ian Cornell says:

Those are some pretty HST flowers

Dark Alley Defender says:

dont be deceived by expansion testing in gelatin. Its notoriously deceptive. Go hog hunting with these rounds, dig them out and then look at them. Expansion is nice if you can get it but its not very reliable.
that being said…. its nitpicking. Its more important to carry and have it with you when you need it…… and know how to use it.

ColtDeltaElite10mm says:

Another great video!


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