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Stone Cold Clerk Refuses To Submit

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TheMadmaxRoad says:

some clerks fully comply and get killed anyway she made a brave stand in my opinion rather die on my feet than on my knees what really gets me is why on earth people would throw away their entire life over a till full of maybe a paycheck or two worth of scratch why not just get a job .. for two weeks its not gonna kill you

Brent Miller says:

My question was never answered If I pay for one of these self defense courses is it going to be all business or am I going to be paying to hear about religion

Oneonebravo Followme says:

She was very stupid and should not work in the store anymore. Your life isn’t worth a cash register. Robber has a gun pointed at you and your just either willing to/ or oblivious that your death is very likely to occur at this point.

Heath Thompson says:

The thing I dislike about channels getting traction… They monetize the video, they have in video advertising and endorsements, and more than anything they either subtly or blatantly abandon the format that made them successful.

With that said, I get wanting/needing to make a buck. Gotta pay the bills, the crew, and the family. Understood. I just ask myself how bad I want to see the video by the time the mantis self defense blah blah blah blah plays…

MindDrift says:

She's like "no, my husband will kill me if I let you rob us"

POC Skellington says:

You act like you're not scared then you get shot end of story.

fencerider says:

Atleast grab a bag of Takis on your way out a$$hole 😂😂😂

MrHo0ly says:

that woman was stupid, shes so lucky to still be alive

Justin Miller says:

When Beta's trying to be Alpha's goes… as expected.

Gunner says:

Cemeteries are full of those who said "I didn't think he had it in him": Bad move on her part. She definitely used up all of her good luck charms on this one.

Jake Schuh says:

That lady should have slapped him

Andersons Road says:

Violence is the mechanism whereby men convert shame into pride. Most men who go down the path of criminality come from backgrounds where they were shamed and humiliated as kids. Most resolve that as adults it will never happen to them again. This woman treated this guy like he was a joke. I've known plenty of men who would immediately kill you for doing so in the circumstances she was. Hand over the cash and send him on his way. Or get smart and likely get shot in the face.

Ven D. iagram says:

This dude obviosly was not from the 'hood.

Alejandro Esquivel says:

I've worked on retail, sometimes you just don't care anymore, you don't even care about your life and your not going to take anymore crap from nobody.

Paul Evans says:

Her reaction would not have been the same if the culprit had pointed a sawed off shotgun at her.

Ronald Guzman says:


Green Achers says:

Looks like too big of a gun for the little boney dude.

the beard says:

Thank goodness the douchebag wasn't savage enough to use the gun…..maybe he will learn to become a decent human before he gets shot or shoots someone.

greg wagner says:

Most robbers are not killers

John Maxwell says:

She’s lucky it wasn’t Brazil

JustLooking says:

What pistol is that?

Timinator says:

Stone cold clerk has a pair of cold stones
(and since she's a girl that's significant)

Gunny Sharp says:

It didn't look like the guy even had his finger on the trigger. She saw he was making a half hearted attempt and made it work. But if she'd been wrong she'd have gotten shot.

Les Lieb says:

That guy should have the shit kicked out of him!

LexusRCF24 says:

Dumb lady!!!

موسیقی موسیقی says:

If that was a black guy she be dead now.

موسیقی موسیقی says:

His finger wasn't on the trigger so he wasn't gonna shoot.

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