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How To Exert More Confidence…Self Defense Series

In a self-defense scenario, confidence is key. A criminal or bully will prey on your lack of confidence. As important as it is to be able to physically fight in a street defense situation, it is as important to be able to trust in yourself. A few of the tips I give in this video go beyond self-defense. These tips on confidence can apply to make friends, meeting a girl, or really anything that relies on you being confident. About Me: Steven Williams is a Professor, competitive athlete, entrepreneur, artist, and influencer. A student of Martial Arts since the age of 12, where he began training in Shotokan Karate and Combative Jiu-Jitsu. He became a black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) under the great John Danaher from Renzo Gracie NYC academy (youngest person to receive his black belt under Renzo/Danaher ). He holds an undefeated title in both his MMA and BJJ competitive records. Steven is the owner and Professor of the Viking Academy that has produced champions in MMA/BJJ across multiple federations. His passion for Martial Arts, teaching and influencing others, who wish to better their lives through MMA/BJJ and overall self-defense is present both on and off the mats. Mixed Martial Arts, Self Defense, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu videos explained simply every single week. I have plenty more videos on how to fight. Please visit my channel. Better yet feel free to leave a comment or a suggestion of what you would like us to film for you. It does not have to be about Street Defense, it can be about any subject related to fighting, how to fight, MMA techniques, or even MMA vs other styles of martial arts. I’m always happy to pass on knowledge and experience free of charge. Subscribe Why You Should NEVER Defend Yourself Walking Backwards Fighting against a Bigger person can be intimidating. Bigger guys have certain physical advantages that must be respected and understood in a self-defense scenario. How to avoid being pinned against the Wall in a STREET FIGHT… learn to ESCAPE Using some basic beginner’s self-defense techniques you can defend yourself against a bigger stronger person who is trying to grab or punch you while against the wall. MAJOR Self Defense MYTHS That Put Your Life At Risk…Think Like a CRIMINAL Learn to anticipate blindsided attacks and sucker punches. Train with Me: Connect with Me: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: Email: [email protected] I hope you enjoy the video! #SelfDefenseTips #StreetFightTips #SelfDefenseSecrets


Steven Strangles People says:

We all struggle with confidence from time to time. Take a look at a few ways I find to be useful!
Which method do you find to be the most useful in building your confidence?

Hanks a skitzo says:

And lastly what form of merit is do you recommend? Great video thanks by the way I love that you give off the vibe that you train martial arts but don’t carry yourself like a monk as if you are not above fucking someone up in the street

Hanks a skitzo says:

And when you say nothing can happen in that scenario what if death is a realistic possibility via shooting and stabbing? I truly believe you have to come to grips with our vulnerability and that has to take a backseat to maintaining our manhood only through that train if thought are most likely to deter aspiring conquerors of us..Do you agree?

Hanks a skitzo says:

If some shit is about to pop off at a moments notice and the person is in striking range and is hostile do you feel you should still maintain the squared shoulders? Or should you blast your self in a position more readily able to deliver blows and strikes ? In case of a sucker punch

Ewickify Ewic says:

Excellent points on EARNING confidence as well. There are lots of fakers but the only people that can reliably be confident are those with an internalized locus of security. And that only comes from real work improving yourself

Ewickify Ewic says:

Ayoo MOB psycho? I was shook

reality914 says:

Great video Professor

aka Frankie says:

Awesome video! Loved the clips, message and quality in content 🔥

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