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How to defend yourself with a knife | Self Defense Training Technique | Tactical Rifleman

In this video, Chad takes us through an often over-looked step in knife fighting. Just like shooting, where most people only practice from the “Ready” position, the most over-looked step is the Draw. Knowing this is half the battle. Now, the other half is you having the discipline to practice and develop the ‘muscle memory” to push this skill into your subconscious thought. You can watch videos all you want, but if you aren’t getting your butt off the couch and practicing, you aren’t going to be worth a shit at the moment of truth. Decide what type of knife you are going to carry. Then, practice getting it into the fight. For more go to and Follow me on Twitter-


Brandon Cole says:

I carry my titanium folding knife as part of EDC, good video. learned a few things.

smokethirteen says:

Wrong title for the vid. It should have been "I like to hear myself talk about how I carry a pocket knife".

Jimmy/Jess Fillmore/Groomes says:

Good information. Quick question though. What's your take on a wave opener?

TheNightster07 says:

Rules for knife fighting:
1.) don't get into a knife fight.
2.) see rule #1

Dean Briscoe says:

I'm guessing that's a SpyderCo trainer. I personally carry the Fox Dart, and it's amazing, if you don't mind an underhand grip. But sabergrip is superior in most situations, I feel.

Allidoiswynn93 says:

Get a Kershaw Emerson. Most creative design I've seen and its cheap.

Jon Ashby says:

Thank you, This is some really good info and I appreciate your time involved in making it.

Rapaladude says:

Having a knife has saved my life more than once. I've developed a completely defensive technique. That uses some things from this video but also wing chun. There's a block that, used in combination with a knife in your hand, will shred a fist if you're punched.

Luis Solla says:

blah, blah, blah… everyone teaches how to disarm a knife, or what's the legal size to open carry. even the different options of knife to use but what I need to know is how to use one in a legal, and safe way in a real scenario. we all know we can use weapons to defend ourselves, it's the 2nd Amendment, but we need to know the proper way to use them because using a weapon in a wrong way could bring consequences even if we have the right to use them at the time. wrong title for this video.

DarkBluePaperHats says:

tip down. lol

Carl Becklehimer says:

I'm a FMA practitioner and instructor. Obviously being weapon and in particular blade oriented, this is decent advise. I had to learn most of this information the hard way. I rarely comment on videos on YouTube but this is sound advice.

GunCollector007 says:

Good video, I like your take on this. Subbing you.

Dave Smith says:

For people who can't afford a gun yet or are restricted (waiting periods, too young) I always teach them to learn the knife first. It was my first weapon and I still have it to this day. The right application of a knife can be as effective as a gun. One will not replace the other. We carry handguns as a secondary to our rifle, our knife is our secondary to the handgun.

kenalpha3 says:

Thank you. Do you want to do a vid on defensive knife holding positions and typical counters for a specific attack (if this, do that)? Or do you recommend someone elses  vid on it?

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