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How to Defeat Dudes 17: Double-wrist Grab Escape (Women’s Self Defense)

Episode 17 of How to Defeat Dudes. Both this episode and the next one to follow will focus on women’s self defense, and as such will introduce our new female…


Chuck Johnson says:

Just uploaded episode 17 of How to Defeat Dudes. The first of a few to
focus on women’s self defense. How to Defeat Dudes 17: Double-wrist Grab
Escape (Women’s Self Defense)

Wayne Gichie says:

Awesome Chuck, Osu! 

tkyosam2 says:

Chuck you sexy bastard, mind if I give you a couple pointers:

-Less of the same punch soundeffects, lower the volume too
-That girl was hawt! You know how to attract beautiful women, put more in
your video, have them beat you up more lol
-Understand this is an instructional video, but still try to keep the
talking at a minimum
-Joke timing/pacing needs a little more work
-More raunchy jokes maybe

-Video quality was great
-Hot girl
-You looking fresh
-good script
-Awesome green screen editing

You going to the Youtube Studio space on Friday?

TheDemzlyChannel says:


YoJoeEX96 says:

Wow, she is beautiful! Very sexy, and fit too! Lucky Chuck lol

Talentwarriordance14 says:

Good to see the new material chuck

Dean Newcombe says:

OMG! Funniest episode ever! LOL!

Matthew Lazo says:

What are u thoughts on wing chun is it good in a street fight? Or is it a
joke compared to other martial arts

aizawa613 says:

Cool stuff man, i actually learned this in my kajukenbo class and tho i
havent used it in a street situation i can say it works when kids tug at
your arm

Al Filmore says:

Ha!!! This vid is cool. It reminds of Sesame Street for some reason.

Arthur Ponzarelli says:

How about the double-bubble grab escape?

VISO Network says:

Learn #SelfDefense from @chuck_n_action in his latest video of ‘How to
Defeat Dudes’. Escape the Double-wrist grab!

[S9] taeZaKi says:

Woo new video! And new quality 😀 good stuff Chuck!

Matthew Lazo says:

Chuck one last thing I’ve been doing karate and I never hade any trouble
doing forms before but now that I got my brown belt it feels like
everything has been going downhill I get nervous and my confidence isn’t
what it used to be any tips 

naihanchin .Kempo says:

I like these. But i tend to want to joint lock them, and put them on the
floor. Or in pain..But if you can run, they work fine.

I have sort of an A B C philosophy (A) recignize you are about to be
attack B start to deal with it and getting an advantage. Putting yourselve
in a Better position, and putting the attacker in a weaker position(off
Balance with no leverage) . C trapcontrol paindrop..Basically finishing
the attacker.. by pinning him or breaking a limb or knock him out..IF all
you do is break his hold.. He just starts it all over again, only with more
force and intent

Two ways a guy MIGHT be grabbed in a attack is a lapel grab. Or a upper arm
grab, with the intent to punch with the other hand.

naihanchin .Kempo says:

unicorns ya that works lol

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