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How Does Killing In Self Defense Effects You? (Reddit Stories r/AskReddit)

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Elmo says:

“Swim save, pupper”

kush says:

Swim safe pupper

Reborn 91 says:

Had a crazy tenant in a rental property I was overseeing who was being evicted the next day before he stabbed murdered one of the tenants while was making breakfast. The day before I tried to call the landlord to have him call the police to have him evicted a day early but he was an alcoholic and was too drunk to take care of the situation. Worst thing about the situation is the tenant who lost his life was an absolute saint and cared deeply about charity and helping people.

AJKarlRon says:

swim safe, pupper

thesynergy2 says:

Holy shit that first one was fucking awesome lol

Alison Grace says:

It’s affect not effect.

Dr Shaym says:

12:38, When somebody with a rifle is yelling at you to stop coming toward them, you fucking stop coming toward them.

Sofia Reyes` says:

"Swim safe, Pupper!" 🌊

wáľťëř īs héŕē says:

Wow not many people watch this! These are good videos!

Pauline Potter says:

swim safe pupper!

Sean Klempa says:

Why the fuck do all of you use that dumb ass AI voice there is over like 10 channels that use the same voice for the same type of videos y’all are ass no bullshit

Timinator says:

14:02 a likely reason the uncle was jailed despite defending himself is how society views knives. It takes many stabs/slashes to kill with a knife and society sees that as inhumane/brutal compared to defending with a gun or other weapon; so avoid using a knife if you can.

Jack Freedman says:

Swim safe, pupper (just not in the hurricane)

Stranger Thongs says:

Guys I have a confession to make

I killed my friend in survival and threw his loot into lava and denied it was me

thatoneguy396 says:

Swin safe pupper

Kenneth raya says:

I'd feel bad about the dog. The dog was a result of neglect and possible abuse, it only reacted based on how people have treated him before. But I do understand the self defense and honestly unless smart about it there would have been no other way to escape. RIP doggo. May you have better owners in your next life.

Littlebithuman says:

Home invasion survivor here. Two men broke into my home while I was watching a movie one night and so I pulled out my cock and when they turned the corner and saw me. I just battle cryed as hard and loud as I could while stroking my completely hard weewee. They turned around and left and I locked my door and finished my movie and jerk off sesh.

HFD #346 says:

Swim safe pupper

Gem jones says:

Get out of my recommendation

Yowatsapp 05 says:

9:41 can i have link to send death threats to this person? how can someone end a poor creatures life and feel no remorse
anyways im glad hes going to hell
i would never have the heart to kill anything unless its human
one time i was hiking and i saw a snake
it lunged toward me and I wasnt scared for my life(just startled) i just didnt want it to get hurt so i tumpled back wards and fell
then i took my belt and threw it near it
it went for it and i just ran out of there

Robert Craig says:

Most these people had it coming.

Johnny VanderEssen says:

Swim safe, pupper

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