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Houston PD Shows Remarkable Tactic With Perp

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Snarky says:

Priceless comment by the lady: "You don't understand."

Manny S. says:

What's the deal with this channel and the Houston fetish? If you "do your own research", you'll see that Houston doens't even make the top current 10 cities in U.S. for violent crime rate, probably not even top 20. Is Houston only one of few U.S. cities that uses badge and surveillance cameras?🤨

The_Arizona_Ranger says:

I've been in the military for only a few years and i can tell you, civilians are freaking retarded.

Erik Rafter says:

Crazy rip dude

_ kainzoW says:

Wow you guys will defend anything. There was no one going to be run over by that car. First it was going 2 miles an hour. Second the trajectory made it impossible for the blonde lady to get hit by the car. Then a police officer just fires "for reasons".
What ever happened to police not being judge jury and executioner?
I understand you want to support police but open your fucking eyes and you would understand why most people are really tired of this type of police behavior.

198link says:

2:44 Surprised no one talked about the African American man, Police roll up he puts his hands up to identify he's not a threat. They swarm red car and he's like nope going to the back end of this cricket. Good awareness.

Patrick M says:

SMH 🤦‍♀️ at these bystanders omg

Old Johnny says:

Well done, Houston PD!!

tjwright says:

The proper term for the "pillars" / "stanchions" is "bollards". Those pillars in parking lots are bollards. Just FYI!

John Doe says:

2:49 That black guy was so nervous. He thought he was in for a racist arrest.

Gamer K says:

John- " he decided to die by suicide" 😰
John- " Duuuuuude we've been Killin it"😝👊

testing2741 says:

"no cop wants to have to shoot somone"
"it's a darn shame this guy decided to die by suicide"

The level of certainty at which these statements are made, and the lack of ANY push-back by the other commentator on them, honestly perturbes me. I share more thoughts on these quotes farther down in this reply.

Firstly though, I don't hear a lot of OBVIOUS questions; questions that, the family's lawyers are DEFINITELY going to ask, when an inevitable wrongful death suit is brought. And the TAX-PAYERS will pay out, with near CERTAINLY, a settlement in this case; so as to avoid trial and the chance of embarrassing the local PD. This is standard procedure for cases like this, the criminal's family is enriched by the local government with YOUR tax-dollars; all because, a shooting with very questionable necessity in the eyes of jurors, was made when countless other "REMARKABLE TACTICS" could have been employed.

The objectivity on this video is severely lacking. Pinning-in the driver with another vehicle, rather than parking all of your vehicles, disembarking from all vehicles, and bringing lut rifles at a target woth no hood backstop, would have made anlot more sense – in my humble opinion. And the pedestrians are clearly at almost no imminent risk, or even future risk, because of how that car is positioned.

Neither of those statements are made with any push-back from the other commentator; and it seems very odd to me to me how they are treating this shooting with near 100% certainty it was a "REMARKABLE TACTIC".

No, just no.

Those shots, as seen from the store's cam, easily could have ended up in anyone in that store at that shallow angle with concrete backstop.

And the I am not seeing, from any angle, this supposed "imminent threat".

Justification here is lot more questionable than you are making it out to be – I don't see anyone at imminent risk of harm, much less death… Tell me how I am wrong. No one was near the front of his car.

This is not great restraint nor decision-making from my arm chair quarterbacking.

The tactic of using your vehicles' bumpers, to pin the driver into what would be an inescapable spot, would have been far more "REMARKABLE".

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