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Houston Multiple Attacker Robbery Teaches Us Lessons

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orion 2250 says:

Well Sheila Jackson lee the gun grabbing commie runs this shithole of a city soooooooooooo

Van Monroe says:

Both perps no gloves = fingerprints on the sneeze guard

KenEA says:

No. The clerk was smart and did good.

D M says:

Newport’s sold out at this location!!!

Quick Stepz says:

I don't know American money, but they left the notes on the counter top! even if it is 3 bucks.

VAL13C says:

Never fight to save merchandise, what ever an insurance can cover.

mike tamayo says:

Not the rona guard 😮

Anon Imous says:

No opportunity for a counter ambush from my perspective because it was two guns against none. This was a no win scenario from a tactical perspective since the clerk had no firepower and the perps had two guns drawn on him the whole time. Compliance was the best option because the property lost was his employers which is likely covered by insurance.

Jorge Olea says:

All newports
Sheesh man

Chad S. says:

This was a nail biter

Junior Ruiz says:

Compliance was the best it's not good to clear leather when the bad guy has the drop on you ain't worth risking life and limb over money.

Леха Шведул says:


Dustin Stallings says:

Both robbers not wearing gloves yeah bet they got caught fast

Mason Bryant says:

Now with contactless payments, these sort of cash grab robberies should be on the decline no?

vanderley3 says:

Grabbed a bunch of Newports lol stereotype is real

Chez MacLe says:

15 year old child in grey hoodie

Karenzi Eric says:

The clerk: " I don't go down like that. "

Aldo Tello says:

Counter ambush?? Lmao

Daniel Red says:

20 to life for 100$ in cigs f dat

MySoulsAVoid says:

Imagine committing armed robbery in flip flops

Goodman Ngwenyama says:

Happy that they took money not his life!!!!

David R says:

A counter ambush… are you crazy? You have two highly agitated and very mean criminals sticking a gun in your face and you want to protect someone else's money? Come on John. The best the store clerk should have done is tried to convince the criminals to let him go.

LateToTheParty7 says:

Glad to see the perps. following the rules of firearm safety. Er nevermind. More laws that such people will Surely follow!

On a serious note, this guy was lucky to get away unscathed and a counterambush with two guys armed with firearms is dicey at best.

Accipiter Occisor says:

Dumb robbers touched the hell out of everything barehanded.

The Anxious Adventurer says:

I'm gonna actually make a prediction on this one. I did stop the video before the breakdown for this prediction… just in case I'm right, lol! I feel, if the clerk was armed, on his person, and EXTREMELY proficient with his draw, weapon etc… he could have counter ambushed when the one guy was grabbing cigarettes. The first guy looked to be checking him for a gun even, but his gun was not pointed at the clerk in the moment. The cigarette guy would have had a hard time "catching up" had the clerk pulled a gun and shot the attacker on him first and then turned and shot the other. Having said that, I would NOT have attempted that. And wouldn't recommend it unless you are "John Wick" lol. I have over a decade of convenience store experience(all graveyard shift and alone) and probably would have done about the same thing this guy did. It would have taken a HIGHLY trained and just plain skilled and level headed clerk to counter ambush these guys… and the risk would have been too much IMO. Good job brother, you made it home another day! I hope they catch these assholes, but I always hope justice is served so no surprise there. Now let's get back to the breakdown and see what John says! $10 says I'm wrong, lol!
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Stu B says:

Get use to this in Biden's watch. Especially if you live in a blue state/city.

Awoken_Groypim says:

Houston, Africa? so weird.

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