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Homeowner Needs Firearm In A Hurry Against Home Invaders

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@mikelee9608 says:

The guy in the blue is really slow drawing is weapon for real !!

@-The-Bob- says:

Did the armed victim have a negligent discharge after the guy behind the car runs out side? Looks like another round goes into the bar.

@rickrudd says:

If I live in a place where there's a better than 1 out of 10000 chance of a violent, random home invasion; then I'm moving. No questions asked.
Maybe it's best practice to walk around your house strapped, but its better practice to live in Mayberry RFD like me.

@teachersikhumbuzomoyo5419 says:

Not having dogs is risk especially my country but people don't listen 😮😢

@catchemalive says:

Wasnt sure how to contact your channel but we just had a insident in Hot Springs, Arkansas at Albert Pike where law enforcement officers exchanged gun fire with a suspect being pulled over and they had to neutralize the threat. Was hoping y’all could track down the info on that and maybe get the badge cam videos of that?? It just happens last night on March 11, 2024. Hope that helps!

@nicowrathz2243 says:

SA surely is a shithole, unfortunate for the good guys stuck there

@Sexican007 says:

Buy a dog people.

@manuelmontalvo2007 says:

It looks like there was a negligent discharge at the end of the video

@r1learner178 says:

At 1 second the bad guy saw him drawing and put his hand up to tell him the stop.

@maniacslap1623 says:

That’s crazy. Draw time was bad for the defender AND the bad guys were damn near in the kitchen by the time he got his gun out. Being a concealed carry guy myself, this is exactly why I drink with moderation.

@gregoryfoster8179 says:

How did bad guys make it that far w/o being detected? I think he obviously needs to start with securing his home a bit better in the first place.

@tolitsdterrible4785 says:

Say what you want to say but his reaction time was pretty quick for a guy who's probably been drinking for several hours already. 😊

@jeffalt8096 says:

My old lady was just complaining because I carried it even in the house. In 1991 my house was hit and a bullet came within inches of my friends head.

@vitorodino8760 says:

The fuck happened to you? Get a haircut.

@Quinnman3 says:

Would be nice to have any ranges in my area that actually allowed practicing of drawing or maybe even moving while shooting. Standing still and firing 1 shoot every 10 seconds or risking being kicked out for "rapid fire" isn't training unless you have never shoot a gun before. Seems weird so many ranges seem to only cater to people who aren't actually gun people.

@MrJohnnythethinker614 says:

We need a ban on ALL GUNS

@BadPandaRacing says:

Something that's odd to me is the fact that house is looking fabulous so I don't see what type of security he has that didn't alert no dogs no nothing

@brb1050 says:

Targeted hit – not a random home invasion

@user-gm4uv1yo3b says:

I am the guy in the blue

@truknz71 says:

Again John, your being very unfair by saying the guy in the Blue was way too slow in his draw. He had a friend directly between him and bad guys and his hands were both per-occupied inside a container. I think he did 95% better than even a cop or a defensive trained person in the exact scenario. Why can't you just say good job and sorry about the Homeowner getting shot ?

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