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Home Security Should Be A Priority | Active Self Protection

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Otosaka Yuu says:

There is a place to look who's on the other side and at a night time it is absolutely an awful idea to just open the door like that, ask who it is and what they want first then lock the doors if you don't trust them or you just don't feel safe, go away from there and call the cops if they are trying to breach the door. I thought this was a common sense…

marryson123 says:

oh man, look at those criminals going thru all background check and waiting period to get that license to carry them guns.

Nunya Business says:

I got a Ring doorbell a couple months ago. I get a notification on my phone as soon as motion is detected at the front door. It's a nice luxury to have. In my previous home I would never answer my door if I din't know the person on the other side. We had those sidelight windows on either side of the front door. In many cases, the person ringing the doorbell could see me sitting on the sofa and I wouldn't even get up. I'd just look at them like they were crazy.

the1dutchmaster says:

So they somehow knew a poker game was taking place inside this apparently private residence?
Sounds like the owners, or at least one of their guests, is closely associated with these criminals and provided them intel of the nights activities.

Cops are still looking for the other suspects? But the girl is in custody… how can they not have the names and locations of the other suspects? Get to work officers: water boarding, foot burning, and whipping… get some answers!

Mahn'i tmac says:

I NEVER open the door, I answer from a window.

joe Money says:

I use security gate with both nob lock and dead bolt locked and 3 1/2 screws for all parts of both doors into the frame work if that fails I have a G27 for them. But yes having my son with me I would never open the door to someone I don’t know. All talking can be done through the security gate

marquell jackson says:

Watching these videos taught me to not open the door for people that i dont know, even when im carrying.

markochips markochips says:

Communist California. ..
Homeowner must have failed to post a " Weapons Free Zone " sign in his front yard.

Saul says:

3 tips


Trae UCity says:

Pretty girl. In all honesty, I would have opened the door for her. It's a shame she decided to throw away her life; and probably out of love for some low life guy.

Ayks says:

Shifty bitch

Robin Lorencen says:

No, I dont like to open my door.

Maria Camilla Thiago says:

im back. forgot to *like😉

Maria Camilla Thiago says:

John, do some doors stop bullets? Also, u think homeowner's insurance might cover everybody's losses.

Ebe Mods says:

This why my mom always leave the .40 at home when I'm home alone.

danny mccraw says:

I open it gun in hand

Tin Man says:

A former coworker's uncle was present at that house. I believe he lost $18,000 in this mess. $18k! Crazy thing is, a poker game with him and his friends got hit a few weeks before at the park. He lost a few thousand there as well. It was clearly someone who knew these people. Why not take extra precautions after the first robbery? Bakersfield is riddled with assholes.

Jim McEwen says:

Yup, gun in hand

Maria Camilla Thiago says:

Hope she gets the daylights scared out of her in prison like she scared all the folks she robbed. She'll be killed (and her family) if she snitches tho, remember her accomplices had guns🔫😉

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