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Have You Ever Seen A Drive-By Defensive Shooting?

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Peter Bunnell says:

The victim could have tried to kick at the perp's handlebar, that could throw them off.

wrexx says:

Love this. It absolutely infuriates me when I see some dickhead thug probing someone for their hard earned things.

Kevin Beamon says:

At 8:13 in the video, does the accomplice drive back by going up the street?

Jeffrey B says:

Shoot first ask questions later.

por schelep says:

O.K…. Tomorrow, You ride the moto, I'll follow in the car

Jarred Howard says:

Driving in GTA v and that red dot pops up

Jose Puente says:

When need more off duty Houston police officers

Carlos Sotolongo says:

Too bad he didn't shoot them both in the head.

richierich says:

cop was boss they need to get way more credit

Jackdup Engudthugo says:

props to the owner of the silver vehicle who stopped incomming traffic to flow towards the vicinity. very sharp.

DCBoy says:

The cop turned his back on the perp with the pistol close by. Not a smart move.

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