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Hapkido Self-defence using Belt, Gun disarming & Bystander techniques Korean Hapkido instructor Master Sung and SKMA instructors show Hapkido techniques and self defence techniques, Hapkido Belt techniques, Gun disarming, Bystander techniques, punching defence, kicking defence, Women self defence, pre-emptive attack techniques. Hapkido Kicks. SKMA Hapkido classes are held in Wandsworth (London), Acton (London), New Malden, New Haw, Guildford. This Korean martial arts London Hapkido provides with authentic and most practical self defence techniques different from taekwondo, karate, mma, Kick boxing, Krav Maga, Jiujitsu, Aikido and any other self defence schools in London.


Sam says:

Its good for self defence. I took ITF teakwondo for years. Hapkido the art I wanna take

Djibril Diallo says:

He use to be my teacher


Great.. OSU from Italy

George Polasky says:

Excellent job. I have TOTAL respect for you. Could you please do the same video with a slow motion camera? You’re so quick and skilled that I can’t possibly follow your techniques. With grateful humility, George.

Καλλίμαχος says:

These are OP technics but obviously you need to be a master on this art to perform them right.

BTS says:

TKD, Judo and Hapkido test is necessary for police training in Korea.

Just Ready says:

Nice work, master Sung you are the Einstein of hapkido

jadiah washington says:

Excellent work

김범준 says:

항상 멋지십니다. 잘보고 갑니다.

Andrew Villanueva says:

Nice techniques

Harold Shubert says:

nice I like that Korean form of aikido and jiu-jitsu but a bit harder form yes hapkido

Evolution says:

This same as Aikido……

Cry Havoc says:

Hapkido is taught at the bodyguard training, given at Executive Security International, in Aspen Colorado. I can attest to it's effectiveness.

stone man says:

Was taught this by master Kim Chai in San Antonio in the 80s. He taught traditional world federation tae kwon do. Very effective techniques.

Aneurin Mathias says:

I see the British badge on the gi’s, do you have any clubs in Wales by any chance?

liberty 2802 says:

I have to say that some techniques
are not usefull in REAL LIFE

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