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Guard Responds With Overwhelming Force | Active Self Protection

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Jonathan Lanoy says:

There were way more times during that confrontation that would have been more reasonable. He discharged his firearm at the least confrontational time of the argument. That was straight up murder imo. Definitely not justified

Erick Laser says:

he didn't even wait to go "green". RIP Banner.

brian hansen says:

Thanks for all the video and food for thought, asp

Tim Wiggins says:

There's not a single word in ANY language that makes this particular shooting justified. Not one. This was murder. Period.

Armor Combat Systems says:

The outside temperature challenge. First time ive heard that one…clever

BeachGunner says:

"Security Guard" should go to jail for murder. However, muscle nuts was clearly having a "roid rage" incident. He was out of control. I also like how he used the chick in the red as his own personal shield when the bullets started flying. What a guy.
No reason to get shot, but when you're a dick to others, chances always go up that bad things will happen to you.

langhamp8912 says:

Where's the pepper spray?

killerdebo says:

Wow 4 people got shot that guard sucks

george abernathy says:

And The Reckless irresponsible coward runs off into the Horizon

Douglas Official says:

Im from philippines, i know this incident..the guard git arested after a while, this guy was bullying him for a long time and this time they had a really heated argument about parking and this guy threatend the guard and said go and shoot if you have balls so many times to him, so he just proved him 😅

Eddie b says:

What's an outside temperature challenge? Why was the Muscle bully using the woman as shield?

whywouldyousaythat says:

He died over a parking spot…. which he was illegally parked in… dont be that stupid. Just follow the rules.

greekatso says:

If the guard carried mace, this would've been ideal.

Shady D says:

Talking bad about his mama? Lol

Str8ShOOt3R762 says:

Definitely voluntary manslaughter (by US law) by the guard. He knew the victim from previous engagements with him over similar arguments. The victim bullied the guard several times before. The guard had enough of the guy's abuse and just preemptively shot him after getting into another argument. He was subsequently arrested and is in custody. REAL LESSON HERE: Be kind to each other! Security Guards, no matter how stupid or goofy looking, are people too and deserve love and respect like anybody else…and guards should also be polite, professional, and kind to those that are assholes…or seek a different job. As a guard, you need to have thick skin because people will call you all sorts of names and mouth off…you just have to smile and walk away when you need to. Security guards need to be better paid and better trained…they have an important job but are paid about the same as McDonald's workers. So you get low quality personnel working security. Better educated and trained people are taking better paying jobs. Same as teachers…you have to pay people what they're worth or you'll get the bottom of the barrel and then have to deal with the consequences of that decision…which could be multi-million dollar lawsuits or jail time. sad but true…

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