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Green Bay Officers Show Exemplary Action Stopping an Active Killer

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Good Game G says:

4 years ago this channel was at 50k subs.. nice job John!..

EFontanezX20 says:

That lady officer omg wtf.

Jay N says:

Dude is done, how will they know ? Well how many projectiles actually hit

joe corpus says:

Why aren't cop restricted from high capacity fire arms just saying

Quitus Maximus says:

35 rounds of 5.56 dumped in his body and they are telling him to show his hands. He isn't moving. The fact they blurred out the entire body means he was swiss cheese.

pure blood says:

Mormon Mike

Justin Dececco says:

What's the significance of the "sling"

Hyla Brook Books says:

Officers: Don't Move!
Criminal:☠ 💀☠

A B says:

gets shot 386 times with high powered rifle rounds from 4 different people


Charles says:

of course the female almost gets herself shot by friendlies

IScreamAtCats33 says:

That guys got more lead than blood

TheTubejunky says:

The amount of rounds fired at ONE MAN to stop him seems fit for police BUT WE CAN ONLY HAVE TEN ROUNDS IN OUR SELF PROTECTION TOOLS? Our government doesn't care about us.

The Joker says:

Yelling put it down to a active mass killer is lame but I guess your supposed to give the killer a chance until he is proven guilty in a court of law ! ! I think a casino is a gun free zone !!!! the perfect place for a mass killer to rampage !!! I never step foot in a gun free zone ever !

Dennis Cashell says:

hes git like 20 hits and he says get to cover.

SamFreedom says:

I know it's too easy to criticize from behind a keyboard but this was awkward. I'd just say "Follow me, someone watch the rear, and don't shoot your fellow officer in the back Now come earn your pay "

Just me says:

This is scary stuff. People like this are ridiculous. Shooting people over something so trivial

ObiJuan says:

Oh no Mike! Those officers cursed at the bad guy! How do we cope?

Andrew Gowin says:

These cops were thirsty.

Andrew Gowin says:

Lmao, they checked his pulse after 30 rounds from an M4.

JokesRJokes says:

A federal fed? Lol

Kerfalla Dioubate says:

I just find it wrong when cops say show me your hands when they've shot someone. Because any normal functioning human will automatically move their hands to covering the wounds, and slowing the bleeding.

I don't know what they could do as a replacement though so I guess it makes sense for now.

The Last Colorbender 73 says:

Besides the running in front of each others' rifles and line of fire, the first body cam officer has a sick setup on his Daniel Defense M4v7. Love that rifle so much. So smooth and great recoil control when the upper is setup right.

Emanuel Rosario says:

put it down … and he’s already dead…

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