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GRAB Defense – Escape with Simple Techniques

Someone grabs you, how do you defend yourself and get out of their grip, here Sifu Kevin shows some simple steps to get out. #attack #grab #boxing #selfdefence #selfdefense #selfdefensetechniques #martialarts #trainingtips #bjj #streetfight #kravmaga #defendyourself


少川靖男 says:

testicles never crossed his mind. Good and effective punching needs far more practicing than one thinks.

Greg Aigner says:

It's smoke come out of their ears time… great job THANK YOU

Scooby Doo says:

Do you know what to do when your last name has a G but it's a mason symbol?

I like your personality

I have no idea if this is the best idea.

It's happened to me at the back of a corridor pinned to my car … It's definitely a real thing.

I talked the guy down.

After thought I decided I should have talked them down it was road rage.

I am a fan of martial arts I don't like fighting though

I'm a fan of wing Chun

And you have a feeling like you were someone who went through something.

I've been to the bad place where they lock you up before. Maybe you ?

Anyway I decided the bad place is tough you can't show weakness ots also too political.

In the free world when I was in that situation and talked them down … When that didn't work

I felt like my best option would have EITHER been to strip the grip

Hard with your back to the wall ….so I could have pushed forward first if it failed

Or more than likely tie up

Then charge forward walking them back then try some grappling like judo wrestling BJJ.

I'm a fan of wing Chun from back when it was a street art.

I was born 70s 80s era.

Jkd and wing Chun were powerful street arts and so was boxing.

I hate hitting people and swear it off but at the same time being nice … Sometimes in vusiness jail or crime …

People take advantage of you.

Bad. Really bad.

You have to be aware of all truths.

Sarah Builds Step Sequencers says:

Lol! “Pew-pew tiiime!”

Rooney Ppynz says:

Hey pick on somebody your own size😅😅

Flouty Dude says:

“It’s pew pew timeee” 🤡

Tharusha Darshana says:

This is how real martial artist face such incidents.
Respect for him ❤

Bradley Tuckwell says:

🤣🤣🤣 love your humour

Mik Marr says:

Situational awareness at all times. Never let anyone place their paws on u n the first place.

James Taylor says:

Imagining some street thug “tapping” from his wrist being twisted is hilarious

Patrick Herb says:

Idk, I don't have time to learn martial arts in my 30s, I would rather conceal carry and let the criminal deal with the consequences.

Jose Hamtig JR says:

I love his self defense videos 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼 thank you for these quick tips

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