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Good Guys (Not Off Duty Cops) Save The Day In Brazil

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Joao Victor Cerqueira says:

Hello from Brazil!🇧🇷🇺🇸

Paul Briggs says:

That is how we need to do this ALL OVER THIS COUNTRY

Omar Lopez says:

Ok John I see what your doing, they where really off duty cops, right? It's just click bait, right? Noting makes sense anymore if this is true!

C Collins says:

Oh wow, I thought this title was click-bait and the defenders were going to whip out badges at the last second!

TotterTheHuskyYT says:

John is an amazing teacher hands down no questions asked

Alex says:

Doesn’t get much better than this

A M says:

Brazil has more off duty than on duty cops

scott stutzman says:

I believe you had father and son mixed up it looks like the son is the one that runs after the bad guy and father had holster issues and held the other guy at the store. Should have the son gone after the other crook I'm going with no. I'm sure this other guy would drop a dime on his armed buddy for a deal and yes it probably wouldn't be much of a deal but better than nothing. But thankfully it ends well.

Timothy 1:22 says:

Really an perfect outcome…good story ending…

Krazy Unicorn says:

Heck ya. I love it when they don't even fire a shot and still get the criminal scum.

Troy Stennett says:

Never chase criminals….

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