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girl fights back – Self Defense for women

How to Defend yourself against any attacker. Check out this link for more info. You’re All Alone Attacked By A Stranger. What Do You Do…


Scampergirl says:


Auden Lavigne says:

This video should not be on here! It’s telling girls that if someone tries
to take your bag while you are completely alone in the woods that you
should fight back! The person trying to take your bag could become
extremely violent after that. Your life is so much more important than any
bag or material belongings that you have. It’s good for girls to know what
to do in these situations, but most people won’t be able to execute those
moves just by watching videos and this video is giving girls false
confidence that they can beat an attacker that is almost twice their size.
The main goal should have been to get away not to fight back.

Alia Morris says:

she should not really use her full leg to kick cos the theif could catch it
so maybe she should knee him it would be safer 

Otis Wilson says:

Why was her cute self in the woods anyway.. Lol

brasiliano says:

Delicious girl! ;)

Paul Auger says:


Sama Alexus says:

Shes cute

angel324100 says:

By the look of her face he seems like a real theif or rapist…

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